Tree keeper, the first-class veteran “plant” under the new sprout from the rong

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It is a good spring, planting trees to add green just in time, with the footsteps of spring, recently zhang ‘an street armed forces department specially invited “first-class hero” He Guangzhou for “double qualified” youth education and propaganda, and in their hearts “plant” under the seeds of the military brigade.”Every time I see danger happening, I want to save people and bring credit to the army.”Looking at the audience of the pre-recruitment youth, veteran He Guangzhou thought of the year, his eyes some wet.”That year, my comrades and I rushed out immediately after hearing the news of the fire at the back of the army, without hesitation, but that was the fire, I lost contact with my comrades…”On the afternoon of March 23, 1999, a major forest fire broke out at the junction of the mountain forest area and local mountain forest where He Guangzhou was stationed.He and his comrades risked their lives to fight the forest fire. Six of them died, but he himself suffered serious injuries with burns to more than 90% of his body.Later, he was awarded “First-class merit” by the Chengdu Military Area Command for his outstanding performance in extinguishing the “March 23” major forest fire.”Now, I still like trees best, I want to plant a forest.”He Guangzhou said, think of the move, he no regrets, he encouraged present had youth, in the sight of treasure of happiness at the same time, the more the spirit of good tradition to the older generation, sets up the firm ideal faith, bear mission difficult, do a good job in the new era’s successor, needs in the country and my people, to be back and stand up.After the speech, He guangzhou and the street armed forces department led the young applicants in camouflage uniforms to start planting trees.A group of 2 people, reclamation shovel, tree filling, bucket watering, the scene is tense and orderly in full swing, soon, saplings against the wind, yuran into the forest.”Just after listening to teacher He’s lecture, I was moved by his story, which strengthened my initial desire to join the army. I will remember the efforts of my predecessors and carry forward the good qualities of soldiers with practical actions.”Young applicant Ying Jingyang said.”It takes ten years to grow trees, but a hundred years to cultivate people. I hope to go where my motherland needs it most and take root and sprout in the border areas just like this sapling.””Said Lu Chenke, a young applicant.Prospective recruits who will participate in the voluntary planting will reportedly go to each unit in late March to protect the unit.The purpose of this activity is to establish the concept that lucid waters and lush mountains are mountains of gold and silver. We also hope that the young candidates will take root and grow up in the military camp like saplings to protect the mountains and rivers of our motherland.By organizing this collective activity, we have cultivated the collective consciousness and hard-working spirit of the participating youth, which is a new measure of pre-service training in Zhangan street, and also a touching political education.(Source: Website of Jiaojiang District People’s Government)