Please keep the menu of “Grand Canal Folk Music Cloud Exhibition” during the Spring Festival

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Taurus bid farewell to the old year, Tiger welcome the New Year.”Listening to folk music, celebrating the Chinese New Year” has become an important cultural activity for many people to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the New Year.Jiangnan Canal runs thousands of miles, qingbo a pulse through ancient and modern.The Grand Canal promoted the local economic development, but also gave birth to the rich and brilliant Jiangnan culture.The music culture and art of Jiangnan, represented by Jiangnan silk and bamboo, Suzhou Pingtan and Wu Song, has been circulating for a hundred years. It is similar to baiyangwan folk songs, Wu songs, Maoshan haozi and Nanzha folk songs of Jiangsu, Zhoushan gongs and drums and shengzhou blowing and percussion of Zhejiang, Jizhong Sheng wind music of Hebei,The folk songs of Dangtu, Chaohu and Fengyang of Anhui have become rich national artistic treasures along the Grand Canal and an important part of local people’s spiritual and cultural life.The eight provinces and cities along the Grand Canal have many innovative programs that reflect local culture and history and reflect the quality of outstanding contemporary works.Today we have two songs for readers and fans
One is a song with jiangnan characteristics and Chinese style, suzhou Good Scenery by suzhou National Orchestra.
The other is ode to the Canal, sung by the male voice of tianjin Mass Art Museum.In addition, purple Cow News will push two to three songs featuring grand Canal folk music every day during the Spring Festival. The menu is as follows:”Suzhou good scenery”, “canal” ode “birds pay homage to the king” the grand canal roar “listen park” brother back of carve patterns or designs on woodwork “triumph” o “home!” “the good news spread Beijing” “big beautiful canal” the za a thumbs-up “cloud gate elegant” “nanyang shut the canal nutonetm” small mills to eight feet long “” sell water chardonnay” house at the edge of the canal, the large whine!Grand Canal “” Please call me grand Canal” “Jiangnan Good scenery” Yangtse Evening News/Purple Cow news reporter Kong Xiaoping proofread Wang Fei