It’s time to do Justice to Ali in the midst of controversy

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Box of horse stick to the business in the outbreak still adhere to the business of xi ‘an box horse fresh can be said to be the trouble in bright colors, and this kind of beyond the pure commercial returns to serve the society as the core of behavior also brought out praise for ali, we also have to consider, at this time these days for ali continued criticism is need deeper thinking.It’s true that Alipay is going faster, but is it really useless?The high interest rates of spending and borrowing on Alipay and Ant Group have become a point of criticism by many people. Indeed, Ant does have problems of excessive leverage and high interest, but this attempt of Alibaba in Internet finance is not only leading in China, but also a pioneering experiment in the world.The traditional financial model requires collateral of equivalent value, but Alipay has tried something else — the credit model.Based on users’ consumption habits and risk models, Alibaba tries to use technology to replace mortgages and overturn traditional financial models through pioneering technologies such as big data.The root of Alipay Ali’s bold attempt lies in its possession of consumption data (Taobao, Tmall) and means of payment (Alipay), as well as the world’s largest e-commerce market. However, this also caused Alipay to move too fast and too fast, and finally hit the pause button.Of course, such behavior of Alipay may cause some risks, but let’s ask ourselves: from the perspective of credit, do most people think alipay’s credit is better or that of other institutions?Has Alipay had a major accident so far?What about other institutions?Alipay’s credit is earned through countless efforts, which should not be easily denied.We often only see the negative side, but how many people who really need help do spending and borrowing help?After the rectification, Alipay is bound to play a greater positive role in more fields.Is the decline of ant Group entities really only due to e-commerce?Alibaba is also accused of causing physical decline.But is the decline of the entity really all due to Alibaba and e-commerce?Older friends may still remember what brick-and-mortar stores were like a decade ago — shoddy, bad service, difficult to return and exchange goods…The real defeat of offline bricks-and-mortar stores is not e-commerce, but bricks-and-mortar stores themselves.Without the emergence of e-commerce, offline bricks-and-mortar stores without competitive pressure would still maintain the service mode of 10 years ago.However, the emergence of e-commerce not only improves consumers’ shopping experience, but also forces offline physical stores to improve their service attitude and quality, which will ultimately benefit consumers.With the gradual promotion and implementation of the E-commerce Law and the improvement of the tax system, the barbaric growth of e-commerce in the past will gradually disappear, and the integration of online and offline will gradually become the new mainstream.Is Alibaba to blame for the woes of brick-and-mortar stores?The technical side of Ali cannot deny that competition between enterprises often evolves into technical competition in the end.However, a number of domestic enterprises rely on the world’s largest market, so the investment in technology research and development has not been improved, the final result is gradually losing competitiveness and falling behind.Lenovo, Weibo and Renren are examples of once-great companies that have faded from the competition.Alibaba is one of the few companies to venture beyond its comfort zone.Whether it is Ali Cloud or Dharma Yuan, Ali keeps increasing r&d investment to increase its voice in the technology field.Ali Cloud has become the third largest cloud computing company in the world, and Dharma Institute has also launched several AI chips and cut a figure.Over time, Alibaba is expected to evolve from an Internet company into a technology company, playing an active role in more cutting-edge fields.Ali Cloud wrote in the last enterprise to profit, but in the pursuit of the process will inevitably appear detour.However, we should not deny the company’s past credit because of a temporary mistake, nor for Alibaba.What we really want is for more Chinese enterprises to rise up and bring us better life experience and more jobs.Ali is also one of the companies most likely to become the leader. I just hope that Ali can face up to its obligations after this storm, and try to shoulder more social responsibilities while considering profits, so as to become a more beneficial enterprise to the society.Come on, Ali!This article is first published by toutiao block frontier technology, please do not reprint without authorization