How to cure a hangover quickly?Honey and strong tea are useless, but these two methods really work

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“Go one!One more!””Deep and stuffy!””People floating in rivers and lakes, which can not drink high!”It is common to hear voices urging people to drink at the dinner table during the holidays. Whether by choice or by force, many people drink far more than usual during the holidays, and it is not uncommon to get drunk.Subconscious thought, may be some friends in life, the figure is a “happy” word, so occasionally indulge, drunk once or twice, it’s no big deal, so a to the relatives and friends together, just have a little could not help myself, open the belly booze, feel drunk sleep also do not have a thing, wine woke up or a hero.As everyone knows, drunkenness is very harmful to our body, and it is not as “indifferent” as you think.1. How do people get drunk?Person after drinking alcohol will first enters the stomach, small part will be absorbed by the gastrointestinal mucosa, most of the rest of the alcohol can be diluted, gastric juice until the alcohol concentration diluted to 5%, after the alcohol will soon enter the small intestine, absorbed by small intestine into the bloodstream, along with the blood flow, average alcohol will first reach the liver, most of the metabolism of alcohol will be done here and decomposition,In the liver, alcohol is oxidized to acetaldehyde, which is then oxidized by enzymes to acetic acid, which is finally broken down into carbon dioxide and water and excreted from the body.A small amount of alcohol is excreted by the kidneys in the form of urine and the lungs in the form of breath.In this process, alcohol is completely absorbed by the human body of the time, and alcohol concentration has a great relationship, generally speaking, alcohol concentration is lower, absorption is faster, adults per hour about 7 grams of alcohol can be cleared.The alcohol clearance rate was 100mg per hour, per kilogram of body weight.Everyone alcohol metabolism rate is different, some people drink blush easily, for example, in medicine, also known as “alcohol flush reaction”, is mainly due to the alcohol after enters the body through the liver metabolism of acetaldehyde, but liver if lack of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, will lead to accumulation of acetaldehyde acetaldehyde poisoning, which appear flushed, dizzy, and so on and so forth,Drinking alcohol in this part of the body is more harmful than normal.For most people with normal liver function, alcohol will be metabolized by the body after about 24 to 48 hours.In most people, alcohol metabolizes and returns to normal after 48 hours.However, if excessive drinking reaches the point of intoxication, then the time may be extended.The so-called “drunkenness” of the liver, also known as “alcohol intoxication” in medicine, refers to the abnormal state of the body function after the patient drinks a large amount of alcohol once, causing great harm to the nervous system and liver, as well as to the stomach, intestine, small intestine, liver and other organs.People will be drunk, mainly is the speed of the body break down alcohol “catch” the speed of alcohol intake, at that time, those not decompose excess alcohol, along with the blood flow to the body, into the brain, flooding in inhibiting the brain’s nervous system and, in turn, affect the person’s language, movement and thinking ability and so on, will gradually in a drunken state.A drunken man, and is likely to appear different symptoms, such as the majority of people originally characterized by eye conjunctival congestion, flush on the face and neck, and at the same time, because alcohol can cause the sympathetic nervous excitement, patients may appear heart rate increase fast, exciting, dizziness, fragment, words more wait for a phenomenon, also some people are just the opposite, being very quiet, quiet.If the patient continues to drink, there will be drowsiness, slow breathing, pale face, wet and cold skin, rapid heartbeat and other symptoms, while blood pressure, temperature will generally drop, vomiting, urinary incontinence and other conditions.Therefore, the harm of drunkenness is very great, not only will damage the liver, nervous system and other organs of the body, and even threaten life safety.It is generally recommended that patients should stop drinking immediately once they get drunk in the early stage, and take measures to “cure alcohol” and promote the metabolism of alcohol in the body.In the idea of many people, if you drink it, strong tea, kudzu water, soda can cure alcohol, in fact, these are not really useful cure alcohol method.2, really effective “therapy” method has 2 first, drink plenty of water front has said that alcohol is mainly through the liver metabolism, and part of the metabolism of alcohol through the urine, and breath out, say so, drink water more, such as water, can dilute the blood alcohol concentration, while accelerating the urine, promote the excretion of alcohol in the body.If you just drink a few more cups and have not reached the state of drunkenness, then you must remember to drink more water. At the same time, when drinking, remember to eat more vegetables, do not drink on an empty stomach, do not drink stuffy, do not drink mixed wine, to reduce alcohol harm to the body as far as possible.If the patient has been drunk, nausea and vomiting, it is necessary to pay attention to tilt the patient’s head to one side, to avoid choking on the vomit, and at the same time to the hospital treatment.Second, if patients drink too much alcohol, they can drink more high-sugar water to promote alcohol metabolism. Of course, if patients with diabetes, we do not recommend drinking sugar water.If the patient’s symptoms of drunkenness are very obvious, or even have neurological symptoms, it is still recommended to go to a regular hospital for drug treatment, such as intravenous medication, naloxone injection, or oral metoclopramide, chlorothiazide tablets, furosemide tablets, etc., to accelerate the metabolism of alcohol from the body out of the body., of course, it is necessary to use the hangover cure, during the Spring Festival, it is family reunion day, most families are prepared food and drink, entertained friends and relatives, but as the saying goes, drink chief use for delight big action injury body, on the festival days, many people like to drink wine, this is understandable.But in this matter of drinking, we still want to uphold a rational attitude, do not drink alcohol or a small amount of alcohol, to avoid excessive drinking to the body harm, after all, no matter when, should remember health first, the body is their own, only to love it, the body will be healthy without pain!Do you think that’s right?Welcome to leave a message.The author says: Hello, I am a strange doctor dedicated to popularizing medical knowledge in simple and easy to understand language.The code word is not easy, the content of this article is based on authoritative information and personal experience.If you feel you have gained something, please pay attention to it or like it a little bit. 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