Why are lizards so slutty?

2022-05-19 0 By

Double-crowned lizards are the world’s sluttiest lizards. They wear lipstick and look like punk.They have a good sense of rhythm and love to dance. They can walk upright like humans and run faster than rabbits in danger.However, their most severe skills or river’s lake lost for a long time wu-lin jiexue floating on water.The double-crested lizard treads water 20 times a second, creating bubbles on the surface of the water and using the other foot before it can sink.Theoretically, humans could float if they were fast enough.In order to be able to float on water, a person weighing 80 kilograms needs to reach a speed of 108 kilometers per hour. Therefore, in order to float on water, he has to pass a car on the highway first.It opens when it hits the water, increasing the resistance of the water.Theoretically, as long as the welfare is big enough, humans can also enjoy the romantic lingbo micro-step, but due to the imbalance of the center of gravity, or fall into a drowning dog is easy to pull the egg, where there is so romantic as described in the ancient chivalic novels, I can not do it.In addition to floating out the window on the water, there’s another skill, they can’t run, they’ll dive into the water, hold their breath for 30 minutes at a time anyway, iron shoe floating on the water, can also hide and seek under the water, that’s a really sexy pose.