Wang Hongjun’s poetry appreciation

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Applauding Beijing Winter Olympic Games unprecedented grand meeting coincides with spring, chooljun ushered in four seas guest.Dignitaries visit the opening ceremony, athletes in hand friendship Jane.Snow mountain sliding down three thousand feet, ice road speeding ten thousand li silver.The competition arena is brilliant and the dream of winning the championship comes true.Garden planting (xinyun) Garden planting in the morning in the summer, vegetables and fruits are now served for three meals.Red tomato soup through the United States, lentils green fat fried meat fresh.Spade for paintbrush, furrow of barren land for poetry.Troubadour mo Sang Yu night, leisure small half blue.Winter warm vegetable greenhouses (new rhyme) row upon row of white dragons lying in the field, scientific planting priority.The wind whistling cold three winters, greenhouse quietly 100 vegetables fresh.Cowpea stalks stretch, tomato leaves clump with broad fruits.Move toward the supermarket for sale, flower thorn cucumber with lunch.Quancheng Red leaf valley continuously sun Yao valley, cotinus frost leaves diffuse mountain red.High cliff falls between the clouds, fog in the boat clear water.Tianqu Yuan area to hear birds, gorgeous autumn lake to see the fisherman.Scene suspect outside fan poetrers, xing xing return moonlight in harmony.The beginning of winter has a feeling (new rhyme) iron fist pollution control effect, The land of China zhan new yan.The past winter moon frequency haze cover, today the sky is all blue.Celebrating the fourth Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival, modern cultivators are the most proud, exempt and enthusiastic.Autumnal Equinox set up harvest festival, guiyue new add xishi mash.Dance and song are celebrating yue, poem wine do Xuan Tao.Sunshine, rain and dew mulberry ma show, state policy xingnong solid.To celebrate the centenary of the founding of the Party, the hammer flickers the golden light to dispel the clouds and see the sun.Exterminate kou anti-espionage people liberation, dingxintao old country longchang.One hundred years to open up kangzhuang road, people chant oh happiness chapter.Do not forget the original aspiration Ming mission, the revival of the dream cast brilliant.The Double Ninth Festival is celebrated with red maple leaves.Overlooking the high mind wide, feeling old back to see the spirit Yang.China Renaissance new generation, Sangyu mou see good times.More than years of encouragement to repair poetry, click the key plate for elegant chapter.Celebrate gengzi National Day Mid-Autumn Festival national anthem loud flag yan, Christmas xin GUI soul round.Fire tree silver to greet the day, gold bottle wine qingfeng years.The original heart did not change the dream of China, the ambition of Tai Yu chuan.Targeted poverty alleviation and prosperity in rural areas.New Year’s day qiongzhi Yushu wax flower yan, flying snow spring crane dance pian.Clean haze book report, get rid of the plague control first.Star bright moon lang blue sky, water xiushan green air.Five years of ending fruitful, beginning a good New Year.Butterfly love flower snow leaf fluttering wind does not roar.Yushu qiongzhi, but beautiful red plum.Snow pressure still send proud pine, wheat covered with a smile.Pavilions and columns are wonderful for viewing.Misty, plain and silver.Tree chirping magpie noisy, called to the Qing Emperor Spring yao.Dong Zi reading table several times to rebuild and new open, ancient Confucian wind blowing!Spring and Autumn three policy solid, climb qi on the reading table yonghe (new charm) graceful reduction river, curl fragrance overflow sichuan.Handan huaiqing leave yan shadow, sensual reserve jiao Yan.Fat root like snow yuan without rot, thin neck such as the first lotus pine.From the sludge will not dye, calm and elegant water clouds.Sun Bin’s descendants division ghost Valley, lifetime strategy wisdom.By blame cool classmates envy, retention of military book generation chong.Horse racing ingenuity through the ages, Xing Qi overlord temporary success.A strong army must be strong, rich when thinking Chinese male.Mulberry mulberry is the old way of the Yellow River, presenting to Chen.The shape of pearl pure jade, such as agate purple gold.Brew on fermented Liu Ling drunk, skilled artisan baked Green Lu Yu Xin.God-given Li min is really precious, the holy fruit of the world songs.Visit the Plisen Museum war smoke years, several migratory fall city.Build and repair ordnance aid front, production machine continued to hair rong.Run a factory xinggong sells widely, educate people to teach professional macro.The vicissitudes of sharpness sharpness sword, and then the expedition.Visit qihe party member education experience base sentimental picture and text and weight Chen Zhen, benefit a lot of new memory.Our ancestors gave up their lives to find a way out, and our descendants struggled for the people.One hundred split kang Zhuang broad, people sing my party pro.Honed the original mind Ming mission, play yu Heat to keep youth.Wang Hongjun, born in April 1955, wucheng county, Shandong Province, a member of the Communist Party of China, college education, dezhou industrial information bureau retired cadres.He is now a member of Chinese Poetry Association, a member of Confucius Poetry Society of Poetry Journal of Chinese Writers Association, a member of Shandong Poetry Association, a member of Shandong veteran cadres Poetry Association, a member of Dezhou writers Association, and a director of Dezhou Poetry Association.His works can be found in Chinese Poetry, Chinese Fu, Poetry Journal · Zi Yue, Lishan Poetry Garden, Poetry Circle of veteran Cadres’ Home, Selected Poems, Beijing Youth Network, Light of Humanities, Dezhou Daily, Dezhou Evening News, Dezhou, Lubei Literature and other newspapers and magazines.Dezhou City Bureau of Industry and Information technology propaganda policy of veteran cadres reflect the work of veteran cadres convey the voice of veteran cadres show the elegant demeanour of veteran cadres