The Chinese women’s curling team secured their third win of the Winter Olympics with an 8-4 win over Great Britain

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Score screenshot.China News network on February 16China beat Great Britain 8-4 in the 10th round of women’s curling at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Sunday morning, securing their third win of the Games and improving their overall record to 3-5.China will face Canada in its final round robin match on Saturday night.In the first game, The Chinese team’s last two shots were successful and two points were held back. The British team got one point by spinning into the game, and The Chinese team was 1-0 down.The second inning was scoreless.In the third game, The Chinese team scored a point from behind to draw 1-1 with the British team.The fourth game, China three points to contain, The British team set after the hand 1 point, China 1:2 down.In the fifth, The Chinese team got a point from behind and the two sides were tied 2-2.In the sixth game, the British team got a point from behind and China trailed 2:3.In the seventh game, China scored two points after a successful spin to take a 4-3 lead over Britain.In the eighth, The British team got a point from behind and the game was tied at 4.China took a 7-4 lead in the ninth inning with three points on its final pitch.In the 10th game, The Chinese team stole a point and finished the game 8-4.