Mengniu was the first female soccer team to win the gold medal. Although they all received 13 million yuan, the only one that netizens can remember is Mengniu

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China’s women’s football team won the Asian Cup for the 9th time with a 3-2 victory over South Korea on Feb 6, Beijing time.@Mengniu Dairy, the official partner of the Chinese Football Association’s China Team, has announced a cash award of 10 million yuan to the Chinese women’s football team.In this regard, @China Women’s Football expressed their gratitude to Mengniu for their generous reward.Praise mengniu, 10 million yuan in real money.While sponsorships from other brands are also trending, Mengniu’s top spot is important.In hot events, gold is the first, silver is the second, bronze is the third, so time is very, very important in this kind of sponsorship, it can be said that no less than the race against the clock.One second earlier, even if the same amount of money, the second sponsor may be worth much, much, much more.In addition, Mengniu did not need to put in the hot search, because such a good deed, we will spontaneously give you to the top of the hot search, and you are the first to open a precedent.How important it is to be number one in the brand, and how many publicists are losing sleep tonight because some of them have to be number one.Like the athletes on the field, in the race against time and even busier than the athletes, the athletes play their own game on the line, and the public relations people have to coordinate around 800 times.Even after all the preparation