Ganzhou incident!I went to the hospital for a sore throat and the doctor prescribed medicine for 36 days

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Recently, some netizens reflect the q zheng ganzhou platform sore throat doctor a medicine to go to the hospital opened six box of a total of 36 days to eat netizens reflect (the original) : January 21, 2022, I have a sore throat with fever in the afternoon, in the second people’s hospital emergency department sees a doctor, yudu one drug name compound acetaminophen alkanes, prescribing 6 box, carton 12 pieces, a total of 72 pieces.Take one tablet twice a day as advised.Take this medicine for 36 days as directed.Please ask relevant supervision departments to thoroughly investigate this matter and find out whether there is excessive drug use (Geao Township Health Center said that the drug use was too long). In response, yudu County “Type 5” office replied as follows: Our county immediately arranged the county Health Commission to investigate, verify and deal with it, and now the relevant information is replied as follows:After investigation and verification, you visited the fever clinic in the emergency Department of Yudu Second People’s Hospital on the afternoon of January 21, 2022. The first doctor, Lu Xx, considered that you were suffering from acute upper respiratory tract infection after examination, and gave you an auxiliary examination. Then he received an emergency call and went to the emergency department.Ren Xx, the director of the emergency department, used Dr. Lu xx’s account to prescribe drugs for you. She intended to prescribe 1 box of compound acetaminophen tablets (1.7 yuan per box), but she ordered 6 boxes late due to busy work. After discovering the situation, she immediately arranged Dr. Liu xx to handle the drug withdrawal procedures for you and informed you of the drug withdrawal process.Therefore, the problem you reported is not true.Due to the approaching Of the Spring Festival, there are many people seeking medical treatment and long waiting time for drug withdrawal. You did not go to the outpatient clinic for drug withdrawal and left the hospital to go home by yourself.After it moved to the new campus, for the masses to the new environment is not familiar with the problem, the hospital has to apply for recruiting silver pit group by more than 10 in the outpatient service hall college students volunteer to guide the masses, to arrange the total duty every day to the outpatient service hall, convenient masses check their medicine, let people run less, for feeling and experience of the masses go to a doctor.The medical staff of yudu County Second People’s Hospital has contacted you by phone and explained the relevant situation to you. You have arranged staff to help you return the relevant drugs immediately after you come to the hospital, which you accept and are satisfied with.Source: Gannan Daily