There are two types of clothing to avoid, especially the second, which can affect the development of a child’s legs

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As a novice treasure mother to prepare items for the baby have a lot of questions, eat, wear and use, need to prepare more content.First-time moms also don’t know which items are essential and which items are IQ taxes.If it is just a simple waste of money, it is ok to be afraid that some things are not appropriate to buy, which has an impact on the health of children.There is often a mother who laments that she bought a lot of clothes before her baby was born, only to find that many of them are not put on.Newborns grow so fast that many clothes shrink before they can be worn.Looking at a pile of small clothes in the home, is also very helpless.When buying clothes for newborns, there are two types to avoid: 1) elastic pants on the waist. Many new mothers like to buy separate suits when preparing clothes for their children. Only after the child is born, they know that the newborn cannot wear pants, especially the pants with elastic pants on the waist can not be worn by the child.The newborn is just born, very small, the size of pants is not so small, if it is used to control the waist is easy to strangle the child.In addition, there is a lot of newborn excrement, which requires 8-10 diapers to be replaced every day, and it is more troublesome to put on and take off pants for the child.2) One-piece suits that can cover your feet are the clothes that many mothers like to prepare for their children. They think it is cute and convenient to wrap them up, especially when they can directly cover your feet without socks.But the real problem is that the clothes practicality is not big, long after birth speed is relatively fast, can almost every 30-50 cm long, if it is cover the feet Velcro suits, children grow up a little after it will be difficult to wear in, even on foot to kick the action will also affect children, when the child’s action is restricted is likely to lead to bad mood.What clothes are suitable for newborns?Novice mothers should know that monk suit newborns in a long time only need to wear a top can, lower body generally only wear a diaper, even in the autumn and winter season, if you feel cold can be used to keep warm quilt, so monk suit is the most suitable clothes for newborns, but also specially designed for newborns.Characteristic is longer than ordinary clothes, can cover the child’s stomach and part of the leg, the clothes is tied by the inside and outside two straps, do not need to set the child’s head, wear off is also convenient.The style is loose, there will be no sense of bondage to the newborn.Newborns alone are more prone to milk overflow or vomiting milk, so the clothes need to be frequently replaced, cardigan clothes is the most convenient, in the armpit position with a belt fixed, the child’s hands back and forth activities will not catch, relatively high safety.What aspects should we pay attention to when choosing clothes for newborns?Safety: if you want to judge whether children’s clothes are safe, you can judge by labels and tags. Newborn skin is delicate, and its barrier function is weak. If the outside clothes or environment has stimulated or polluted, it will cause children’s skin problems, so choose clothes for children first to see the safety.A class will be marked on the baby’s clothes, which can directly contact the child’s skin to wear, indicating that the material of the clothes is first-class or superior, and can be trusted to the child.Soft: the baby’s clothes are special, and the style is more and more beautiful.Many parents only pay attention to the appearance of clothes and pay attention to the appearance level of clothes, ignoring the material and feel of clothes. If the material is hard, it is not recommended for newborns.Newborn skin delicate, soft clothes can make the child feel more comfortable, especially when there is hunger, bad mood, clothes are not soft will more stimulate the child’s mood.Newborn activity is relatively large, easy to sweat, so in the material should also pay attention to soft, sweat absorption, breathable.Temperature: the newborn’s ability to adjust the temperature is poor, afraid of both cold and heat, so to choose clothes for the newborn to pay attention to the temperature of clothes.For example, in the summer to choose thin breathable, winter to choose warm soft, are pure cotton but the thickness is different.Fading problem: newborn clothes will be made colorful in order to look good, but these clothes after the color of the bleaching and washing is easy to fade, deformation, and dyeing agent for the newborn is not safe.It is recommended to choose lighter colors for children and avoid bright colors as much as possible.Kojima would like to say: there is a lot of stress to prepare clothes for the newborn, so you need to pay more attention to it. If you are a new mother and have no experience, you can communicate with other precious mothers.