Romano: Manchester United will not necessarily lose Pogba, with strikers and midfielders a priority this summer

2022-05-17 0 By

Romano spoke to United Stand youtuber Beth Today about the reds’ plans for the club.Romano said: “Pogba’s situation has not changed, he has not decided his future, the situation is still open.Juventus have always been interested in him, but his salary is an issue and there is no 100% guarantee that Manchester United will lose Pogba.”Rice is on Manchester United’s list as well as that of other big clubs and west ham are hoping for a fee in excess of £90m. It will not be an easy negotiation.””I believe Manchester United will bring in a midfielder this summer because it is one of their first targets.”Leicester are looking for something in the region of £60m for Thielmans, but his contract expires in 2023 and he could go for £45m – £50m this summer.””United have a lot of options for summer signings but it will be up to the new manager.Manchester United will sign a new striker 100% of the time and he will be looking at the future, not just the present.”Signing new central defenders is not a priority for united at the moment, the club is focused on buying midfielders and strikers, but that could change when a new manager is appointed.(Goblin Killer)