The 600 kg fat monkey boy lost weight obviously, lost 40 kg in 10 days, talking not much panting

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There are thousands of anchors in the network celebrity circle, and few of them can really suit our appetite. Fat Monkey is the only food blogger that we pay attention to after thousands of choices.Although his weight has more than 600 catty, with a small pig like, but the cooking level is very high, across the screen can feel the fragrance.No matter what kind of physique people often eat too much, they will surely gain weight. The fat monkey is also the same way. He has been eating worse and worse, and was finally stopped eating by the authorities.It is very difficult for a person of fat monkey’s size to lose weight. He can’t just run and jump like ordinary people to lose weight. This way of losing weight is a burden for him, and there may be emergencies.On the first day of the camp, he did not do much exercise. Instead, he had a simple physical examination and explanation, so that he had a clear idea!It’s been a long time since he started to lose weight, and his weight loss has had a significant effect!Before, the fat monkey was not in a good mental state every time he appeared in the camera, and the black spots on his face were also obvious. Now, if you look at the figure alone, there is no big change, but the mental outlook is very good.According to his own introduction is informed, Sun Wukong reduces weight only 10 days below the circumstance reduces weight 40 catties, this but a very big progress, if go on like this for a long time, this year reduces weight 200 catties is not a problem, see him whether insist on, three days of fishing two days bask in the net, this 40 catties will soon also rise!Some netizens also noticed that when the fat monkey made pig’s feet in soy sauce to reward the people in the training camp, he did not breathe much when he spoke. He could clearly express his words, and could not say a few words without gasping for breath, which made people feel bad.This is not empty talk, but the comment area users themselves found, so people still have to exercise, only exercise can change the state of decadence, to make the body more and more healthy, disease will not come!After all, every fat man is a potential stock. No one knows whether Sun Wukong will be a handsome boy after he loses weight. At that time, monkey’s sisterin law will be under pressure.Just before sun Wukong becomes a handsome boy, need to step over this difficult moment, others can not help this one can only he himself to do, otherwise all the pay will become nothing!Like fat monkey boy this ability to eat into fat people, let him willing to lose weight is certainly very difficult, in this special period of the net friends do not say ugly words to stimulate him, should say some more encouraging words, let him more confident, only in this way to lose weight on the road of perseverance go on!I thought the fat monkey’s weight loss was just for fun, just to cope with the netizens and the authorities, but I never thought he was playing for real, otherwise the weight loss results would not be so significant!Hope he must resist temptation when reducing weight, must not go back to the old course of work, otherwise for nothing hard for so long.If possible, I hope he can record more weight-loss videos, so that his fans can also accompany him to lose weight, we have a healthy body, isn’t it good?