The Chinese women’s football team won a great prize: 23 million yuan from 2 big enterprises and 3 million yuan for the coaching team!

2022-05-13 0 By

China returned to the top of Asia in 16 years with a stunning 3-2 victory over South Korea in the Asian Cup last night, ending the Chinese New Year holiday on a happy occasion and igniting fans’ enthusiasm.After the match, several media people mentioned the bonus issue, and then it was arranged. Two companies have announced that they will award a total of 23 million RMB to the women’s football team.Yesterday, the women’s football team did not give up the spirit of shock, three consecutive reversals and finally won the title, also let the women’s football team got the title of “king of reversals”.After the match, celebrity huang Jianxiang called on the Chinese Football Association to give the women’s team double the reward of the men’s team, which was unanimously supported by the fans.The highest winning prize before the preliminary round of men’s football is 6 million yuan, but limited by strength, the top 12 only got a winning prize.This time, women’s girls will be amply rewarded, first the mengniu declared, give out must cash rewards to the women’s girl, alipay announced a bonus has been in place, then will use “10 years of billions” of the planned 13 million yuan reward women’s girl, of which 10 million yuan reward players, there are 3 million yuan will be a special reward ShuiQingXia coach team.The two companies awarded a total of 23 million YUAN, which is a rare large sum in the history of women’s football. Among them, 13 million yuan from Alipay is also the tournament bonus awarded by The Chinese Football Association to The Chinese women’s football Team. In addition, the Asian Cup winner will get a bonus of 1 million dollars, I don’t know how the bonus will be spent.Wang also reposted Alipay’s weibo post, saying she hopes to see more people pay attention to supporting Chinese women’s football.