Educated youth past: 30 years later to see the first love, he can not believe that the first love is actually his in-laws

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Zhao Yutang once jumped the queue in Yunnan for 5 years, and returned to Beijing in 1973. When she jumped the queue in Yunnan at that time, she also knew her first love, Liu Ailing. They only talked about a year of love, but because Zhao Yutang returned to the city, they broke up.For first love ai-ling liu, Zhao Yutang heart was actually a bit guilty, because in this five years of yunnan to jump the queue, ai-ling liu gave Zhao Yutang a lot of help, Zhao Yutang when to jump the queue, only attended the one year work, it is recommended as a temporary substitute teacher, say Zhao Yutang can when the teacher, for the most part are ai-ling liu, but unfortunately,Two people can not walk together.Zhao Yutang after back to Beijing in 1973, into an oil refinery as a worker, because performance is outstanding, was promoted as the workshop director soon, go to work in the refinery, Zhao Yutang met wang xy, wang xy one year younger than Zhao Yutang, is also an educated youth, in northern shaanxi to jump the queue for six years, perhaps because have cut in line,So the two quickly settled on each other.Zhao Yutang parents to wang xy is also very satisfied, wang xy parents are both teachers, family circumstances, in 1976, wang xy Zhao Yutang and get married, because Zhao Yutang home have brothers and sisters, for four home living conditions is limited, Zhao Yutang is home eldest brother, Zhao Yutang then the wife wang xy home after marriage.Zhao Yutang heard to restore the university entrance exam in 1977, the mood is very excited, ten years ago, had oneself will have the opportunity, but some people, god gave Zhao Yutang a big joke, he went to yunnan to jump the queue, because Zhao Yutang europebecame is the old educated youth, has super on age, Zhao Yutang the in the mind very depressed, but then again the file, cancel the age limit,This makes Zhao Yutang see hope again.Because refineries have dozens of educated youth, everybody wants to go to test, if all of a sudden so many people, will affect the production, and considering the reasons, the factory director mao-cai wang refuses to agree, then all educated youth joint petition, factory agreed to this, and promised to educated youth, if take an examination of is not on the back can also continue to work in a factory.Wang xy when pregnant with pregnant gave up exam, Zhao Yutang to attend the university entrance exam, the first year was admitted to the Beijing iron and steel institute, with excellent results to get the admission notice of that a moment, Zhao Yutang excited to tears, he can finally did go to college, the year of the wang xy Zhao Yutang gave birth to a son, give the child the name yao-hui zhao Zhao Yutang.Zhao Yutang during college, wife wang xy look after children at home, wang xy for Zhao Yutang also pay a lot of, Zhao Yutang understand, if the wife wang xy to attend the university entrance exam, a certain than he does well, Zhao Yutang during the school is also very hard, one day all dare not lax, Zhao Yutang eventually graduated with first exam grades.After graduation, Zhao Yutang work assigned by the ministry of railways, the three also have a very happy life, for the son yao-hui zhao, Zhao Yutang at ordinary times is very strict, and he is also set a good example, yao-hui zhao is also near the top grades, yao-hui zhao did not live up to the expectations of his father, went to Beijing university in 1996.After graduating from university, Zhao yaowu chose to work for a foreign company instead of the “iron rice bowl” as other students did. Zhao was very supportive of his son’s decision.See yao-hui zhao to the marriage age, Zhao Yutang thought set out to his son, mutually close, then cut in line of the educated youth together, there are a lot of want to marry her daughter to yao-hui zhao, but were yao-hui zhao refused, and the reason is yao-hui zhao, he has a girlfriend, Zhao Yutang a listen to also is very excited, just want to let the son to smoke time to get a girlfriend back home to meet.In 2000, zhang aiping yao-hui zhao with his girlfriend saw their parents, zhang aiping and yao-hui zhao are college classmates, Zhao Yutang first met zhang aiping, feel very familiar, but can’t remember, Zhao Yutang give zhang aiping pack a big red envelope as a gift, zhang aiping wanted to refuse, but was stopped by yao-hui zhao, so zhang aiping took the red envelopes.After meeting for the first time, Zhao Yutang is very satisfied with this daughter-in-law, want to meet with Zhang Aiping’s parents, discuss the matter of marriage, but let Zhao Yutang did not think of is that Zhang Aiping’s mother is actually his first love Liu Ailing that he has not seen for many years.See Zhao Yutang ai-ling liu show surprised expression on her face, she can’t believe that in this case, again meet Zhao Yutang, Zhao Yutang after back to that year, in the second year of ai-ling liu to marry, then followed her husband to Beijing on business Zhang Xiaojun, made his home in Beijing, probably this is the fate, once love has become their in-laws, but over the years,Once the past with the passage of time, has become dull.Zhao Yutang saw Liu Ailing, this just understand, why see Zhang Aiping, there will be a familiar feeling, but see Liu Ailing life is very happy, Zhao Yutang heart is also very gratified.