DNF: Yin Ming Town unveiled!Epic weapon level 105 for 20 classes, special skill attribute display

2022-05-12 0 By

After a long wait, “Yin Mingzhen” removed the mysterious veil, revealed to the player 105 epic weapon attributes.But not all classes, ghost swordsman base is huge, is still the last existence, 105 standard and specialized CP epic weapons, has not released attributes, this time only involves 20 classes.”Yin Mingzhen” unveiled!For tier 105 epic weapons, we also know all about them, divided into standard and specialized CP types.The meaning of “system” is well understood, the entry is more standard, simple and rough, on the high side of the injury.Special CP type, change the skill form, more than a kind of gameplay, players can choose.”Yin Ming Town” released 20 classes, level 105 specialized CP epic weapons, covering female gunslinger, night messenger, female mage, male and female priests.Female shooter.Female Wanderer 105 specialized CP weapon, “mobile shooting” skill is very strong, the revolver firing tert +100%, the range of attack speed increased, and use began to calculate the cooling time, into the next room will still maintain mobile shooting state!Many people ridicule, female roaming this CP weapon, moving bricks is invincible!Female Ammo, Gunnery division and Mechanics have all launched epic weapons of skill type 105, with increases in form and damage.However, this time “Yin Myung-jin”, the system weapon is not revealed, only to show the player the special CP type.Note that in the Tier 105 version, all weapons have 40% damage from their base stats.In addition, tier 105 weapons have growth attributes, and each attribute can be upgraded to a higher level, and the entry value can be increased.Night messenger.In the dark night class, which includes assassin, necromancer, shadow dancer and Ninja, although they are rare classes, the player base is not very large, but 105 epic weapons, also attracted attention.Assassin “Blade Storm”, necromancer “Arrival · Zombie Ledia”, shadow dancer “Eviscerate”, ninja “six Rounds” skill, in the 105 epic weapon, the skill form has been adjusted.The sorceress.Sweet and lovely sorceress, level 105 special CP epic weapon, “Yin Ming town” has not forgotten.Summoner, battlemage, Enchanter, little witch, etc., all attributes are displayed, so that the player can see at a glance.As an auxiliary class, we are still concerned about the form of skills and weapons.For example, when wearing this weapon, the curse of the taboo against a teammate is +8%, but the health per second is reduced by 1%, and the healing effect of the potion is -50%, which is quite a headache, just like “you can’t have it both ways”!Male priest.The Uncle class, which includes blue Fist, paladin, Avenger and Exorcist, has a special CP weapon at level 105 that has a significant impact on skill form.Paladins distinguish between daddy and judgment, in buff effect, like little witch, add bonus also has its drawbacks.Exorcism, Blue Fist and Avenger, although the player base is small, but the skill specialization CP weapons are relatively outstanding, making the character better than a floor.Priestess.Seraphim’s special CP weapon is no different from little witch and daddy, it is the same class after all.The rest of the hexenbiests, Inquisitors and seducers have all had their special abilities changed, which is pretty good overall.You’ll find that “Yin Mingzhen”, for tier 105 epic weapons, does not release the entire class, leaving the suspense.Key professional ghost swordsman, but did not involve, covered with a mysterious color.We need to make it clear that in tier 105 epic weapons, the specialized CP skill type, which is just one type, and the standard type.System type weapons, no skill changes, belong to the entry on the bonus, damage coverage, not a single skill!