Is there a forever core suit?There are many “cores” that have been dropped from the version, but only one that is permanent

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Hello I am a fingertip, a kind of equipment are referred to as the “core” equipment, the kind that can change, only the core of this equipment can not be changed, in fact, a lot of heroes have so-called core, such as sun shangxiang to endless wars blade, li bai to the edge of tears of blood, xi shi to mask the pain, so the core of the so-called, is really never get equipment?Not exactly, I would say.King of Glory has undergone numerous major updates throughout its history, some of which resulted in changes to the hero’s “core gear”. Sometimes, it wasn’t a direct change to the equipment, but rather a change to the hero’s core gear that made it less adaptable. Who can you think of?In ying zheng’s previous equipment, echo cannot be replaced. In that version, even out of the mask, you may be cursed. With echo, the damage of blast is very considerable, and the extra speed effect is more convenient to support, so it is called his core, which is made by the first piece of equipment.Ying zheng of the era, 2 skills can provide high method is strong, and extra speed, but then after revision, big move significantly increase the number of fly sword, damage reduction, 2 skills from high method is strong and moving speed, into a clear enemy characters tapping equipment debuff effect, and the echoes of the rod was transformed from the core side, because there is no method of high strong support,Echo of the damage is not so considerable, visible so-called core, but also escaped the version of the change.Sun wukong – master of ying zheng of echoes, because their skills mechanism changes so not out, but the power of the sun wukong guru is purely players found a better alternative to gradually, the old version of the monkey is really will be a master, this equipment is the upgrade version of the power of the three holy, because older monkeys with the three holy, and after upgrading to continue to use,Players later found out that he also liked attack speed, because the triple combo was slower than the attack speed modifier.So now the Monkey King player, lightning dagger or shadow blade, but without exception have given up the power of the master.Marco Polo had two pieces of equipment that were impossible to replace from the time he launched, 100% Apocalypse and Pure Vault behind the shoe, and they lasted until the modern version, but when the vault was revamped and the attack speed bonus was removed, Marco Polo abandoned this piece of equipment.The previous pure sphere has precise effect, with the end of the world, 13 skill damage is very considerable, big recruit into the field with the sphere of damage is often able to create miracles, who would have thought that such core equipment should become irrelevant to the whole archer career.Armoured – cold winter storm that everything can bing xin, this sentence surely every old players familiar, then the armoured and no one to play, are walking road, then the armoured is Sagittarius to the line, then the first armoured will be sprayed out cold storm will not play, who would have thought version change, the core of the armoured at once loading has been abandoned?Can you still see kaike extreme cold storm now?Whether you’re playing on the wing or in support, if you’re going to pick a piece of armor, it’s going to be a very strong armor.It can be seen that the so-called core outfit is still possible to be replaced, just to mention a few examples, there are many similar situations, version change is the main reason to decide your outfit, so king of Glory’s only permanent core outfit is called the Speed boots, any objections?