Bad person 5: elder sister really not simple, ji such as snow why persistent in Luo Xiaobei?

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Bad people fifth season premiere, see a lot of bullet screen because you can’t see Old Li, or even don’t understand the plot, and feel puzzling, but also the first step to conclude, think If Sen this is in the rotten.However, as an original animation, the bad people have come along all the way. Whether it is the literary drama or the development of the plot, Ruosen has formed his own style. In today’s fighting drama with serious light pollution, the bad people series and ordinary people’s cultivation of immortals can be called a clean stream.Situation that says he never appeared, the trailer is PPT of the message, I already don’t want to much fun, after all this kind of audience, you don’t know whether he have earnest look, li regression plot, over the eggs in the third set, gave out, alone to the execution ground, looks has grown a lot of momentum, and the fourth set again put it again in the beginning,And the preview PPT, last season already did that.Drama is already very clear to the fourth set, mingzong of later tang is the name of by the son of heaven, wantonly to catch bad people, also want to provoke adverse civil unrest, let xing-yun li between Scylla and Charybdis, and gaps not colluding with mingzong of later tang, on the xing-yun li side, she as snow and nine days SAN ji, also is in order to save poor people.Why must save Luo Xiaobei last episode ji Ruxue’s identity was revealed, Luo Xiaobei indignation and fled, and then Ji Ruxue went to find him, this also throws a question to the audience, that is, “Ji Ruxue, why so persistent in Luo Xiaobei”.In a world where bad guys get killed every day, it’s better to save more bad guys than to find a reckless teenager.Although Ji Ruxue’s behavior makes people feel some “Madonna”, but as long as you remember her when luo Xiaobei questioned the answer, it is not difficult to know that Ji Ruxue she is a language than to explain, more inclined to the actual action for the old Li.Do not affect one person, how to affect thousands of people, Luo Xiaobei’s experience and misunderstanding of Li Xingyun, is the status quo of many bad people.Ji Ruxue save bad people, the ultimate goal is to let Old Li, with li Siyuan against the power, to let them eliminate misunderstanding, is not open a speech can be completed, so follow this line of thought, also can understand ji Ruxue why would hesitate to save Luo Xiabei.Elder sister is not simple li Xingyun in the end what happened, is still unknown, but two people will meet in the trailer, will also recall from enchanting Xinjiang to central Plains this section of the road, in the end what happened.This is just a typical flashback technique, which is commonly used in films, television and novels. By doing this, it usually sets up suspense and then makes the audience suddenly understand.If you like the main character’s perspective all the time and then second to second works, reading cool text will be more direct.Ji Such as snow to save Luo Xiaobei, has used their own actions, influence Luo Xiaobei, so that he was full of contradictions, and then the key, choose to believe ji Such as snow.Ji Ruxue single knife to the meeting, highlighting the arrogance, the use of the instability of the housing structure, repeatedly let yourself hit the same column, and finally let the house collapse, let Luo Xiaobei take yourself away, this plan is also very clever, but they are still poor, ba also eventually followed up.And in this critical moment, the picture a black, once again with sister as the main perspective, the people of the country that all fell, is undoubtedly in the explanation of sister after being knocked down, instantly became another person, its super strength, directly killed ba and others.Do you think Sister is one of the originals?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section