This mountain media group jiao Jiao tore Zhao Benshan, more vigorous aniseed will be revealed

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A few days ago, Zhao Benshan apprentice (Tang Jianjun apprentice) Jiao Jiao broke the news that her ex-husband and Zhao Benshan partnership business, was the latter pit miserably, he decided to leave the mountain media.And claimed: “I already see how this so-called artist is behind the fate of others!”Over the years, uncle Ben has left us an impression that, on the whole, is pretty good.But there are occasional rumors about Zhao benshan’s stinginess with money and stinginess with his partners.For example, the departure of Fan Wei and Liu Liu is also said to be related to money.Strictly speaking, Jiao Jiao is zhao Benshan’s disciple and her teacher is “Zhao Si” Liu Xiaoguang.Although jiao Jiao joined the mountain media relatively late, but she is the company’s “group pet”, to her resources are also very much.She has appeared on TV shows such as “Avenue of Stars” and “Happy Comedians”. She has also appeared on TV’s Spring Festival Gala for many times.In the performance, Jiao Jiao by virtue of no idol burden performance and makeup full of drama won the audience’s full hall cheers, also won zhao Benshan’s strength!According to the development of such a situation, Jiaojiao with Zhao Benshan’s relationship should be “very iron” just right, but why now two people get deep in hot water?Everything starts with the marriage.Jiao Jiao announced her pregnancy online in 2020.Soon after, she posted a video online.In the video, Jiao Jiao is seen driving a luxury car and wearing expensive accessories, including a piece of jade around her neck that is worth millions.At that time jiaojiao successful career, family happiness, is undoubtedly a winner in life.But the good times did not last long, not long, Jiao Jiao revealed his impending divorce news, the reason is that she has property disputes with her ex-husband.After hearing the news, Internet users were also confused. Not long ago, they were flaunting their wealth.In the face of netizens’ doubts, Jiao Jiao gave the answer in a recent live broadcast.According to her, she divorced because her ex-husband went bankrupt, which was caused by her teacher Zhao Benshan.Jiao jiao said that her ex-husband had a business partnership with Zhao benshan, and invested a lot of money for liu Laogen grand Stage, many of the facilities are funded by him.It is because of the trust of Zhao Benshan, Jiao Jiao and her husband bet on the whole family, but finally poor management lost a loss.After business failure, Jiao Jiao’s ex-husband wants to take away liu Laogen’s big stage, which is also a return of blood, but Zhao Benshan does not agree at all.Medium caused husband and wife conflict, finally nothing, and at the same time, the force holding her teacher pushed to the cusp, and hyped, Zhao Benshan’s so-called black material of course Zhao Benshan is not a perfect man, once, Gao Xiumin with Zhao Benshan back home to participate in the performance.Originally, Gao Xiumin felt that the relationship between the two of them, Zhao Benshan is not to the appearance of the fee.Unexpectedly, Zhao Benshan not only received peace of mind, but also one breath to 200,000 yuan.Gao felt zhao benshan took money too seriously, so from then on they drifted apart, as did Fan Wei.Zhao benshan brought Fan Wei to a performance and earned a total of 420,000 yuan, but Zhao Benshan only gave Fan Wei less than 20,000 yuan.In contrast, Gao Xiumin, when she took Fan Wei performance has always been fifty-fifty.After that, Zhao Benshan felt gao Xiumin gave too much, but also to her a complaint.After this matter, Zhao Benshan with two people also be completely troubled break off.It is easy to share adversity, but it is difficult to share happiness, all of which are connected by the two words of interests, and go their separate ways because of the two words of interests!