Xiapu Couplets (Series 63)

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Xiapu couplet works (series 63) Xiapu Couplet Association party for the backbone of the hundred people dream is kyushu refers to the street light – to commemorate the 94th anniversary of the founding of the Party (with the surname as the sequence) built the Great Wall foundation, historical coordinates, witness the mainstay;Yang advocated that the revival of the Silk Road ignite the enthusiasm of the world.Hammer sickle remember sanyan Sanshi, heart even party, loyal to the party, daughter may not be able to move the surname;History preservation eight shame eight glory, who are you, for who, a promise never make dedication.Abide by the official rule, promote integrity and button life;Anti-corruption, history and ask, strict party discipline majesty.Once the sea tao world, there is a hammer sickle open;Apart from “mountains”, the state was successfully established according to Marxist-Leninist principle.Ming cross-strait feelings, three good policy benefit li people, zong wind buy the United States;Dance Chinese dream, unified speech to reason, zu Xun mo light.Wang Long wrote the horse column pilot, braving the wind and waves, brave the tide to view the world;Hammer sickle and lift, determined to firm heart, like in the dream embroidered China.South lake candle, through the snow frost hui yong yao;Shenzhen thunder, jing Zhen Yu potential you hong.Restrain the strong and help the weak, not seek hegemony, good friends in the world;Bud helps the poor and stands proud in the world.Wang Shirong wrote the party as the backbone of the hundred nationalities;Dream is the kyushu street lamp.Blood dyed flag, do not change to the people;Sincere pursuit of the dream, long-term concern for the country.Bow down and kiss the people, often think he is the son of the people;Devote oneself to governing the country and keep in mind that the Party is the master of the country.Always put the people on the right, the hearts of the party;Long will remember the motherland, the country is stable.Realize the dream of coagulation, China gathers positive energy;Enriching the people and strengthening the country, Volkswagen opens up a new milepost.Wang Xuesen wrote the party platform, called workers and peasants, from victory more drive victory;Deepen reform, open up, create brilliance again with brilliance.Wang Huiqiong wrote the state by the rule of law, eulogize party morality;Create special scientific research, rich people’s livelihood.MAO open country, autocratic overthrow meritorious service for hundreds of generations;The old and the new, people’s livelihood protection fu Qianxing.Five thousand years of ups and downs, through the difficult times;94 spring fight, ride the wind and waves show macro you.South Lake tinder, destroy solid party people’s well-being;The pagoda is glorious, the anti-japanese universe is new.Party such as li Ri love all the people;National exhibition grand you baiye Chang.Wang Deming wrote hold the party flag, a generation of heroes open great cause;Beating the drums, the eight fair race to the vanguard.Yang Party, thousands of households together praise;Yu People living, the four seas and five lakes praise.Raise the red flag, party led group Li Benfu road;Xing characteristics, the country to seek great governance drink hongji.Xin motherland takeoff spread good news;Xi people get rich exhibition grand you.Clean government is popular, the state strong people rich;Good raise chang national transport, industry prosperous soldier male.Deng Qiwei wrote about Han Wu and Confucianism, and wanted to be emperor Liu.Republican power, the revival of Chinese spring.Longshoushan thunder earthquake, but by haze xing yi;Fuwen road car chi, no minutes day and night coursing new.Deng De full from