“Spring Festival I am on duty” Licheng traffic police: stick to the safety line guard not closed

2022-05-07 0 By

The Spring Festival is the day of family reunion everywhere filled with festive festive atmosphere in order to let the masses at ease with the New Year li City traffic police brigade all civilian auxiliary police adhere to carry forward the spirit of not afraid of hardship, not afraid of fatigue in the main intersection, section stand guard, patrol, dredge, keep free with stick to the county people on duty on duty on the road……Dredge and keep smooth on the road…Night check for drunk driving on the road…On the road…Changzhi traffic police warm prompt you to family and friends during the Spring Festival is little not push a cup to change, please keep in mind that you don’t drink and drive drive don’t drink alcohol will traffic safety in mind the first peace happy holidays source | changzhi traffic police to edit | tingting coordinating editor | Yang Jin