A day like three autumn, looking forward to a night like pinellia

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Please click on @prizing reading  Chen Jingji since that day and Han Ai sister stayed one night, back to the garrison house was Ge Cuiping left at home, not even a day away.Han Dao country a living in a big restaurant to eat and live, plus blackblackmail, will Chen Jingji left fifty two silver in an instant will spend all, for the long-term plan, specially put wine please turtle slave Chen three introduce guests.The guest is to come, or a rich guest, Korea means to accompany the country song wait, but Han love sister refused to come down to receive guests.In the book said Han Ai sister and Chen Jingji respectively will be thinking about him, said it is lovesickness two words, the first day is a prostitute and the guests of the normal transaction, one night later, Han Ai sister actually hurt the lovesickness!She is not willing to come down, South Korea downstairs nasty like ants on hot pot, who knows things but unexpected deflection.This rich guest is the businessman he Jinlian in Huzhou whom we have mentioned many times. When Pan Jinlian was sold in wang’s husband’s house, he also participated in the auction. He wanted to buy Pan Jinlian as a concubine for seven hundred and two pieces of silver, but little Pan was too expensive, and he was not with Pan Jinlian.Today he was turtle slave please to the house of Han, and so on half ring han ai sister downstairs, the heart is not worried.Just because there is always a woman in front of his eyes, this woman attracted his interest, so do not wait for Han Ae sister, but with this woman hooked up together.Han a total of mother and daughter two women, not Han ai elder sister, naturally this woman is ximenqing love concubine wang Six.Wang Liuer is now close to 50 years old, but also let the long-experienced official he took a fancy to, really amazing;The book explains in this way: have to say he official is also a sense of goods, Wang Liuer is he expected that way, a style will never let him down.As for wang Liuer’s age, if she was 29 when she first appeared in the show, she should be 37 this year, not close to 50.Lanling Xiaosheng always does not care very much about these sections, only according to the plot needs to change.Two or three days after that, official He would come and have a meeting with King Liuer. Therefore, han daoguo and his family would not give him much money.More than ten days have passed, Chen Jingji still did not come, Han Ai sister unexpectedly lovesickness into disease, write down a love trust to Chen Jingji, the letter said not over the lovesickness, and secretly to.Chen Jingji opened a love letter to see, a move in the heart, also wrote back a letter, with a party brocade plus two silver to the bearer back, the two people will go to meet.Ge Cuiping watch strict, and some health ailments, Chen Jingji at least survived the birthday of May 21, the next day was in a hurry to the sedan to see Han Ai sister.That han Ai sister tender feelings, took out a note: “Nu miss you not to feature a small poem to express miss.”Chen Jingji read it out and said, “It’s easy to understand. I’ve been thinking about him for twelve hours every day since I left.The heat rises, the joy rises.We say sister Han Ai fell in love with Chen Jingji, probably because of his outstanding characters;Han Ai sister from the age of 16 was sent to Tokyo to nearly forty years old Zhai housekeeper concubine, has been until now;Perhaps yearning for a young handsome man’s love, but never had the opportunity, this time met the age and appearance of Chen Jingji, a cavity of love will no longer contain the outbreak, heart only put him as the future years of bosom companion.So Chen Jingji went through women, why also love han Ai sister?In addition to Han Ai sister also inherited wang Liuer that a pair of coveted Deng Deng will hook a double star eye, she to zhai housekeeper concubine also today wrote a letter of love a poem, Chen Jingji was really moved.A few years ago, there was a woman whom Chen jingji truly loved who had written to him and sent him hair and a cypress towel.After 3 years, Chen Jingji discovers unexpectedly appeared again the woman that has the connotation to be able to write expression similarly with Pan Jinlian, then he cannot extricate oneself also fell in love with her.Originally at this time han Ai elder sister or the author designed a Copy of Pan Jinlian characters.Han Ai elder sister nickname is called five elder sister, Pan Jinlian in the West gate mansion is called Chen Jingji five niang…Among the characters in Jin Ping Mei, Chen Jingji, Pan Jinlian and Han Aijie are relatively well-educated, which probably enables them to speak more languages and know each other.This also shows the special place of reading.”A Dream of Red Mansions” fifty-six times, Baochai and Tanchun discussed the fatal place of reading: is it not, is the common things.No matter this conjecture is not excessive interpretation of the horse, but the story of han Ai sister and Chen Jingji’s encounter is not the original jin Ping Mei. In the third chapter of The Warning Words, there is a “Xinqiao City Han Wu Sister selling spring love”, which has the same story line.Not only the same name, but also the same family of three prostitutes;On the docks too;The same daughter falls in love with a rich and young childe;The same woman and childe are letters;There is also a contact named ‘eight old’;The same son finally died in the woman’s affair.Although Cautionary Tale is pre-written, it is impossible to say that Jin Ping Mei borrows feng menglong’s story. Similar stories exist in other places many years before Cautionary Tale.The native place of the official who appeared again, “a Dream of Red Mansions” jia Yucun borrowed this native place, take the same homophonic, can not really meaning.(Today is very sleepy, write can not go down, so.The book will be finished in about three more.Please follow @Xiaoqi reading  need your support, thank you!Previous article link: “Baihua Jin Ping Mei” link total post, the 1st back to the 231st back, click on direct reading