Got it!China Eastern second black box!Does a plane crash mean death?This essay could save a life

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On March 21, 2022, a Boeing 737 of China Eastern Airlines crashed.There were 132 people on board, including 123 passengers and 9 crew members, all of whom were killed.According to this morning’s update, the second black box has also been recovered.Hopefully the real cause of the plane crash will be found soon.Twelve years, after the yichun flight accident, air disaster happened in China again.As we mourn the loss of life, I hope you will be reminded.Fate is impermanent, who also do not know the sickle of death, will fall on his body in the next second.I want you to take what I have to say today to heart, for your sake and for your family’s sake.01 Plane crash must have no hope of survival?In many people’s eyes, once a plane crash, that is certain death.Psychologically, I chose to give up and wait for death to come.Not really.Reports of air accidents from 1983 to 2000 analyzed by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board found that the survival rate of crashed planes was 95.7 percent.And even in severe crashes with fire and heavy damage, 76.6 percent of passengers survive.This point, in the past a number of air accidents can be reflected.In 2005, an Air France A340 flew into severe thunderstorms en route to Toronto, Canada.As it was preparing to land, it was struck by lightning, skidded off the runway and broke in two.Of the 309 people on board, none were killed and only 43 suffered minor injuries.And in 2009, a flock of birds struck an Airbus A320 shortly after takeoff, damaging both engines and causing the plane to lose balance.The captain made an emergency landing and landed the plane in the waters of the Hudson River with 115 people on board. No one was injured.In 2011, an American Boeing 737-800 airliner was forced to make an emergency landing after experiencing extreme weather during its flight.The emergency landing was unsuccessful and the plane veered off the runway, slid down the hill and broke in two.But none of the 163 people on board died, and only three suffered broken bones.In addition to these, the above-mentioned yichun air crash in China in 2010 also had 52 survivors.Therefore, air disaster is not necessarily a death of the bureau, not to the last moment, do not give up the hope of survival.What causes air crashes?There is a theory often mentioned in aviation that is the “Swiss Cheese theory”.That is, anything that happens happens to pass through every flaw in the protection at the same time, like a piece of Swiss cheese that happens to have a set of holes in it that allow a beam of light to pass through all the way through.Plane crash, often involves a variety of factors.In 2015, Simon, a British aviation safety expert, listed five common causes of plane crashes: pilot error, mechanical failure, weather, deliberate crashes and other human errors.Pilot error is seen as the main cause of the crash.According to, an analysis of 1,104 accidents between 1960 and 2015, this factor accounted for 58% of aircraft accidents.To give you a few specific examples: In 2010, The Ethiopian flight ET409 crashed because the pilot and co-pilot had inconsistent flight control inputs while avoiding a thunderstorm area, and neither of them intervened to correct the flight path.The result was a headlong crash into the Mediterranean, killing everyone on board.In 2016, FlyDubai FLIGHT FZ981 crashed at Rostov Airport in Russia.According to the accident report, the pilot became disoriented due to a “body gravity illusion”, which caused the plane to make a wrong landing, killing all 62 people on board.Mechanical failures accounted for 17 percent, weather 6 percent, intentional crashes 9 percent and other human errors 10 percent.At what stage of flight is an aircraft most dangerous?Aircraft to complete a flight mission to taxi, take off, climb, cruise, descent, approach, landing 7 stages.Which stage is most likely to have a safety accident?According to the Global Commercial Jet Flight Accident Statistics Report (1959-2020) released by Boeing in 2021:Between 2011 and 2020, only 13% of fatal accidents globally occurred during the Cruise phase, while 28% of fatal accidents occurred during the Final approach phase and 26% during Landing.In aviation, there is a “first three, last eight rule,” which refers to three minutes after takeoff and eight minutes before landing.These two periods, in fact, correspond to the most accident-prone phases of flight.More than 80 percent of air accidents occur during these two periods.So, three minutes after takeoff, and eight minutes before landing, be on your guard.Where is the safest place to fly?Many people assume that the middle of the plane is safest.Think the plane crashes, either head first or tail first, the middle is the best protected part.There is some rationality in this view, but it ignores an important factor.That’s the middle of the plane, right where the fuel tanks are.In the event of an accident and a fire, the middle section is prone to explosion.So, you can’t measure it that way.So, where is the safest part of the plane?A few years ago, Popular Mechanics published an article that counted all the seat survival crashes since 1971.The data showed that the back seat of the plane was the safest, with a survival rate of 69 percent.The idea that the back seat of an airplane is safer is also widely held in society.However, this claim was not supported by expert research at the time.Because this is just the result of statistics, and every plane accident, there are special.A plane can crash either nose-first or tail-first.Which part of the plane is safer depends on what kind of accident you’re in.In fact, no matter what accident, the most attention should be paid to the location of the exit.The closer you get to the exit, the better your chance of escape.In the aviation industry, experts have mentioned a “five row rule”, namely, the first row from the emergency exit as the center, within five rows of the probability of escape.Many people want to buy a window seat so they can enjoy the view outside.But for safety reasons, I would recommend an aisle seat and as close to the exit as possible.These positions may give you a better chance of survival in the event of a plane accident.Preparation can Save Your Life In an air crash, many passengers will be desperate, often miss many chances of survival.Another fact that the FEDERAL Aviation Administration and The National Transportation Safety Board found in their study of plane crashes is that 40 percent of fatalities occur in crashes that survive.Nearly half of all airline deaths could have been prevented if passengers had taken proper action.Prepared actions and unprepared actions often determine whether you survive or not.So once you’re on the plane, instead of looking around like a curious baby, take a few minutes to do these things: First: Know exactly where your nearest exit is.Count the number of rows from your seat to make sure you can get to the exit as quickly as possible, even at night or if the cabin lights are out.Also, research how to open an escape door.Second: check safety equipment is mainly seat belts, this is very important!If you notice a problem with your safety belt, or if you’re not sure you have one, talk to your flight attendant.In addition, you can also check for life jackets, which are usually under your seat.But don’t take it out and inflate it, because it’s a disposable device.Third: determine the division of labor, mainly for families with children.In the event of an air disaster, the response time is limited, so it’s important to know in advance who is responsible for your children.This prevents couples from ignoring their children in a panic.To reduce the risk of impact, the correct actions to take when a plane is about to crash should be: lower your legs as far back as possible beyond the knee perpendicular;Tilt your head forward as close to your knees as possible.When the cabin is on fire, do not patronize the forward rush, but along the tuyere, in a relatively low position to move.Wear your mask as quickly as possible when there is a loss of pressure in the cabin. Many people believe that a plane can survive for up to an hour without an oxygen mask after a loss of pressure.In fact, it’s not. At 10,000 meters, once the plane loses pressure, it can knock you out in a dozen seconds.So in this case, you should wear your own mask in the first place.This is true even when there is a family member, and only by ensuring your own safety first can you ensure that you can help your family in the future.A 90-second plane crash with the grim Reaper, if you survive a crash landing.Remember, the next 90 seconds are the difference between your life and yours.The 90 seconds, also known as the golden 90 seconds.In many past plane crashes, it wasn’t the plane itself that killed the majority of passengers.It’s a huge fire that started when it hit the ground.Many passengers who survived the crash were at first overwhelmed with joy that they had escaped.Ignoring the flames on the plane will consume the aircraft at a rapid rate.Even many passengers did not forget to take their luggage when they fled.And so he sacrificed his own life.According to research, it takes only 90 seconds for a fire on an airplane to kill everyone.So, if, one day, you have this situation.Don’t let your guard down. Don’t take any chances. You could die before you get away from the plane.Find the exit and leave as quickly as possible.Out of the plane, do not think about the onlookers, because the plane is also very likely to explode, blowing debris, will endanger your life.We can never predict what will happen next, but it’s better to be prepared than to do nothing.You only live once, and when death strikes unexpectedly, there is no option to start over.A lot of times when disasters happen, we feel like we’re more of a spectator.Think that some accidents will only befall others, but who can guarantee that one day they will not be the object of others to watch?Fate is fickle and things are unpredictable.All we can do is try to nip this in the bud.Not only for ourselves, but also for the loved ones who care about us.Finally, peace.At the same time, condolences for the victims of the compatriots.What are the possible causes of the crash of China Eastern MU5735?Plane crash, why can’t parachute out?Tech traveler: What can you do to improve your chances of surviving a plane crash?Jinan Tourist Guide Association: if the plane crashes, will most people die?Golden 90 seconds how to grasp!Experts have analysed the top five causes of plane crashes, saying only 10 per cent were caused by terrorist attacks