Start with the fact that there is no live TV app in the smart TV app

2022-05-03 0 By

Our smart TV was purchased in 2017.It used to be thought that you had to pay to watch TV or movies, and that you needed cable or Internet set-top boxes to watch live TV.This year, I have made an in-depth understanding of many of these truths.Smart TV: is a revolution in audiovisual field, changing the rules of the game;It’s a big-screen version of a phone or computer, and what a phone or computer can do, a smart TV can do.So mobile phones or computers can download software to watch a large number of live TV stations, including CCTV, SATELLITE TV, local stations, why not smart TV?This is because smart TV apps do not have live TV programs.TV station live broadcast software if the application has, with the click to download is very convenient.No application raises the bar for installation.The installation of TV broadcast software can improve the competitiveness of TV brands, and it can be done technically. It is by no means that manufacturers do not install it, or do not allow it to be installed.Smart TV sets with live TV software will disable cable networks across the country and put cable workers out of work.There is no domestic market for all line-of-sight and set-top boxes.Faced with sudden changes, authorities may not have a plan.Advanced things come, not to promote, but limit, hope users know a little later, as far as possible to delay the update of time.Have smart TVS been upgraded over the years?I think the TV should focus on audio-visual functions, and the application in my home needs to be optimized.Some things you don’t need, like calendar, weather, shopping, etc., are convenient on your phone.Some of the same properties, such as multifactor, should be good and bad.Boot every time from the home page to enter, should be changed to boot into shutdown when the playback interface.This is more conducive to the elderly operation.Traditional TVS and set-top boxes will be around for a while because they come with them: bought ones will not be scrapped immediately;If it’s cheap enough, bedrooms will opt for traditional TVS of 25 to 32 inches.But the march of The Times is unstoppable.2022.2.11