A deficient gong ying Chi, three peaks out of the group, Du Fu wul “rockery” appreciation

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When Du Fu was young, he had made a five-word poem “rockery”, a deficient gong yingchi, three peaks meaning group.Looking at the suspected in the wild, secluded place to health clouds.Cizhu Spring Yin overlying, censer xiao potential points.But the south will offer longevity, good atmosphere day atmosphere.This poem describes a rockery similar to bonsai. Tang people write more poems about real scenes or paintings, and it is rare to write bonsai rockery works.The preface of this poem, wrote the origin of the rockery: at the beginning of Tianbao, the south Cao Small Sikou uncle in my taimadame hall under the base of the earth for the mountain, a deficient, to replace the decay of wood, chengzhu incense porcelain ou, Ou is very Ann.Next to planting cizhu, gezi several peaks, but cen Chan, wan to dust.I do not know what to do, but I write a poem.In the first year of Tianbao (742), my uncle, who was xiao Sikou of The Southern Cao, built a rockery of about a foot (one foot in size) with a basket of earth in front of my grandmother’s hall to replace the rotting wood at that time.The small porcelain basin used for burning incense is placed below the bearing capacity. The rockery is not large, so the small basin is safe (it will not be crushed).Next to the seed mother bamboo (Cizhu) covered rockery, peaks and bamboo shadow each other, quite a bit of dust outside the environment.I don’t know why I got inspired, so I wrote this poem.Two, the first union a deficient gong ying chi, three peaks meaning group.A basket of earth, you can build a small rockery.Although the mountain is small, but the three peaks have a distinctive style.Hu Yinglin of Ming Dynasty appraised Du Fu’s five rules and said: Only Du wins when the five rules are aligned with the ancient ones.Such as “strict police when the cold night, the former army fell big star”, “do not know the south Pond road, now know the fifth bridge”, “tonight 鄜 state month, bestie only see”, “with a full sky, Hu For jun travel”, “MY old grandson, plain ancient wind”, “Wei Qu flower rogue, every angry murder”, all male deep simple, meaning infinite.(Quoted in Du Shi Detailed Notes by Qiu Zhaoao) The so-called oblique rise in this paragraph refers to the rhythmic poem in which the first sentence is oblique oblique oblique (Wuzong Lao Sun Tzu is not such a sentence, it may be a clerical error).Gao Gu, refers to elegant and simple, refers to the sui and Tang dynasties before the four voices and eight diseases (yongming style) and deliberately carved poems.The five rhymes are metrical poems with ancient characteristics, indicating that although they are in line with the rhythm of the level and oblique pattern, they are natural, smooth, deep and simple, and rich in aftertaste, which makes people feel that they are metrical poems.Hu yinglin’s examples are all the first couplet of the five laws.The first couplet of Du Fu’s poem also belongs to the high ancient poet.Although the description is a small rockery, but the aftertaste is profound.The first couplet rises and leads to the middle two couplets. The following is a description of the meaning of the group for this ying Chi hill.Third, nod and neck look in the wild, quiet place to give birth to clouds.Cizhu Spring Yin overlying, censer xiao potential points.The rockery into the eye, as if in the real mountains.There seems to be a white cloud in the quiet place.It is said that the bamboo shoots of this kind of bamboo will not grow disorderly, but only grow in the original range of bamboo forest, so it is also called zi Mu bamboo and filial bamboo.”Stories of different records” records: Three years of han Emperor, son and mother bamboo white tiger temple, officials for bamboo ode.”Bamboo ji” records: Tzu Zhu, Wu Shu all have, its bamboo clusters, every year shoots out of the cluster.In spring, the shadow of Cizhu covered the rockery, and the smoke distribution on the rockery in the morning.Some people think that incense burner refers to the mountain peak of the rockery like Lushan incense burner peak.The momentum of the rockery in the morning is distributed.The middle two, are landscape, content of the main charm, neck to write real scene.It is said that Du Fu wrote poems without any word or origin, but I do not know the origin of the word “xiao Shi”.However, later people learn From Du Fu, there are many applications.Third, the tail but the south will be dedicated to life, good gas day atmosphere.Uncle Du Fu base this rockery, there is the meaning of the Birthday of nanshan, because the mountain, making the festive atmosphere in the home is also more and more rich.The tail link has no aftertaste, but says that the rockery plays a role in increasing the atmosphere.Du Fu’s grandmother, Lu, was the stepwife of his grandfather, Du Shenyan, who died two years later in the third year of Tianbao.In the first year of Tianbao (742), Du Fu (712-770) was already thirty-one years old.This is the five Rules written by Du Fu in his early period. Du Fu had not experienced too many hardships in this period, so this poem does not have too deep understanding of life. It is just an ordinary work.By the way, du Fu’s aunt died in that year, and Du fu himself was in mourning for her, and wrote the epitaph “Du’s Tombstone in Beijing.”In the three oblique tail waist-folding sentences of the old street taste, there are sources everywhere. I appreciate du Fu’s “Title zhang’s Seclusion”