Those of you who doubt that gaC Toyota’s domestic cyna sold more than 5,000 units in January should think for themselves

2022-05-02 0 By

Gac Toyota trumpeted sales of more than 5,000 domestic Sedans in January.In December Toyota officially announced more than 2,570…However, some netizens are not convinced.During the same period, new energy new car forces and gaC new energy and other traditional new energy enterprises have also announced sales.Xiaopeng 12,992, Ideal 12,268, Nezha 11,09, NIO 9,652, Zero Car 8,085, GAC New Energy 16,031, all of which were not questioned, including the 42,100 announced by traditional car companies such as Hongqi and DCA 19,109, with a year-on-year increase of 97% and without any doubt.Why only gaC Toyota’s sales of more than 5,000 cars in January will be questioned?From an exaggerated increase of 70,000, to a decrease of only 10,000 or so, can’t the law of true fragrance be verified again as a success?Of course, some people doubt that the 5,000 units may not be real sales, just orders or the number of wholesale pressure on dealers.What do you think?However, some netizens actually reported that the dealers of GAC Toyota Sena contacted him frequently recently, probably calling the lost customers to say that they could have a private conversation alone, or even suggesting that they could offer more discounts.At the same time, we also saw a lot of “strange” opinions appeared on the Intranet in January: for example, “as a MPV of 300,000 to 400,000 level, the price increase of around 5% is relatively reasonable.”This can be interpreted as: GAC Toyota Sena is shaking an olive branch to its lost customers: I only increased the price by 10,000-20,000 yuan, so you hurry back to buy!If the markup is justified, should it be more justified or less justified to lower the price?But on the other hand, GAC Toyota is worth learning from other joint ventures.It was able to sell an average nanny van for up to $70,000, and that’s not what most companies can do.Let consumers spend 300,000 to 400,000 yuan not to buy BBA to buy it, either it is very confident, or its marketing strategy is worth recalling.This is Toyota depleting decades of goodwill with Chinese consumers.The one that used to drive a crown for five million miles and still work.However, the current market environment seems to have changed a lot from a few decades ago.Let alone the domestic independent brands in the market below 300,000 has no gap with the joint venture brands, and even is surpassing the joint venture brands.Isn’t the saying “buy autonomy for less than 300,000 yuan, and buy BBA for more than 300,000 yuan” now popular?Especially in the field of electric vehicles, especially the intelligent connected vehicles supported by 5G communication technology as a top-level design in China, will make independent brand cars out of a different road from Europe, America and Japan, and build a new ecology of automobile society. Domestic brands have comprehensive advantages beyond joint ventures.In such a market environment, looking back at Toyota’s exaggerated price increases, is it necessary to put itself in the position of 300,000 to 400,000 yuan to be even with BBA?Take a look at the last sentence of the official publicity poster: top matching 405,800 platinum version sales accounted for 40%.Does that mean better than BBA?As you all know, the best-selling BMW X1 is the low end.What do you think?It’s time to think in opposition.Comments or direct challenges are welcome, but they must be backed up.