South American qualifiers: Colombia vs Peru, with Cristiano ronaldo leading the line, can Colombia move up the rankings

2022-05-02 0 By

This is a four-point battle.Colombia is a team, I believe the impression, more in Brazil World Cup.That year, J luo’s flying fairy has become the memory of many post-00 fans.The 2014 peak, however, was the highest in Colombia’s recent history.You can actually see it in the starting line-up, especially this time, zapata and Muriel, the Atalanta duo, were not included in the national team, but the team’s forward line has brought back Cristiano Ronaldo.Now J is no longer the high-spirited teenager, whether real Madrid, Bayern Munich or Everton, he only under Ancelotti, is the most true of his own.He has no intention to challenge the five major leagues, at the age of 30 now, joined the Asian League, Lai Yang, opened his “pension” life in advance.But do you really think He’s getting worse?Like Sanchez in Chile, they may have had a difficult time at club level in recent years, but back in the national team, they are still the legs of the team.The return of J luo, tantamount to strengthening the right side of the attack, he and quadrado this pair of old partners between the line, we can look forward to.Face ball style tough Peru, whether Colombia has cold intention?First of all, if we look at the Peruvian squad, it is mostly composed of players who play in the Asian league, or in the lower and middle leagues in Europe.Of course, the Peruvian team, why in the last World Cup finals, depends on it, not the strength of star fame, rely on team cooperation, is the key to their brilliance.In the last two World Cup qualifiers, Peru also found their form and won two games in a row, which is why we were worried about the game being cold.After all, Colombia have failed to win in their last five games and have only 17 points, which is not good for a team of their quality.So why has Colombia been in such bad shape lately?What’s more, the relationship between the team is not good, whether the manager or the players, there are some estrangement, but now, with the return of J ronaldo, these discord, with the disappearance of the situation.It is too late for Colombia to take heart, as they are only two points behind Uruguay in fourth place, and their desire to win will be slightly more urgent.Secondly, many players will be worried that Peru’s playing style is so tough, especially the defense is more brilliant, that in the absence of Colombia’s two big forwards, Colombia’s attack, whether it will encounter bottlenecks?We don’t have to worry about that, because Peru, like Colombia, has been stronger since 2018 in terms of style rather than penetration, which means that while they may be running wild, they may not be able to defend on the road.Having conceded goals in each of their last six away games, Peru’s defence could be the key to Colombia’s success.So today, I still cheer for Colombia!