Ministry of Justice: the national platform for disclosure of lawyers’ credibility information was officially opened

2022-05-01 0 By

In order to implement the requirements of the CPC Central Committee on deepening the reform of the lawyer system and promote lawyers and law firms to practice in accordance with the law and in good faith, the national lawyer integrity information publicity platform developed by the Ministry of Justice and the National Bar Association has been officially opened to the public.The platform has realized the function of publicizing the integrity information of lawyers and law firms in a regular, timely, accurate and complete manner, providing convenience for the people to obtain the integrity information of lawyers and law firms in a timely manner. The public can query the basic information, annual assessment information, awards and punishments of full-time and part-time lawyers and law firms nationwide.According to the Ministry of Justice, the platform brings together the administrative licensing information of 470,000 full-time and part-time lawyers and 36,000 law firms in addition to the two public lawyers (civil lawyers, corporate lawyers), as well as the integrity information formed in the process of practice, including:2.175 million pieces of information about annual assessment, 94,000 pieces of information about awards and commendations, 6,086 pieces of information about professional assessment, 8,277 pieces of information about participating in the deliberation and administration of state affairs, 1,061 pieces of information about administrative penalties and 376 pieces of information about industrial punishments within the publicity period.The public can log in to the platform, enter the name of the lawyer or the name of the law firm in the “search bar” on the home page, and directly query the relevant subject integrity information.If you need to search for lawyers or law firms by specific criteria or areas, you can use the “Advanced Search” or “Map Search” functions to further search.The person in charge said that the next step, the Ministry of Justice will focus on the following aspects of work.One is to broaden the collection channel, improve the integrity of the portrait.On the basis of comprehensive collection of credit information mastered by judicial administrative organs and lawyers associations, further strengthen in-depth cooperation with relevant units, establish data connection with Websites such as China Judgment documents network, credit China, and market supervision administrative punishment documents network, enrich lawyers’ integrity data, and form a complete picture of lawyers’ integrity.Second, strengthen data analysis to achieve accurate supervision.The big data analysis function of the publicity platform is utilized to accurately focus on the high-frequency illegal behaviors in a certain region, and improve the ability to perceive, predict and prevent illegal behaviors.We will focus on the supervision of lawyers and law firms with frequent violations, and reasonably determine the matters and frequency of key supervision and inspection, so as to improve the effectiveness and precision of supervision and law enforcement.Third, improve systems and mechanisms and formulate management measures.The collection and publicity of good faith information is closely related to the interests of lawyers, law firms and the public. In order to ensure the objective, accurate and appropriate publicity content, rigorous, standardized and efficient procedures, and clear rights, obligations and responsibilities of relevant subjects, it is necessary to improve relevant rules and standardize management.The Ministry of Justice will formulate and promulgates the Measures for The Management of Honest Information of Lawyers and law Firms as soon as possible to clarify relevant matters.Welcome to subscribe to “China Credit” magazine. The price of each issue is 38 YUAN, 456 yuan for the whole year.Unified domestic issue number: CN10-1453/C, published on the 18th of each month, large 16-open color printing copper plate, 128 pages per issue.Magazine issued by itself (not through the post office subscription), please contact the small editor directly ~ consultation hotline :010-63691531 or 010-63691551 subscription email: (editor/producer lu Zhe read Liu Mengyu)