The best place to visit in Sichuan province is a miniature version of Beijing’s Forbidden City

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Worth of scenic area in sichuan, completely modelled on the layout design of Beijing the imperial palace, is known as the miniature of the Forbidden City palace is very precious construction in our country, is not only a simple architecture, more gathered the history and culture, a lot of people who went to the Palace Museum, will be attracted by its size and architectural features, more important is want to know about the history of the Forbidden City.There is also a small Imperial Palace in Sichuan of China. Although it is not large in scale, it is also a very characteristic building, which is also very precious. It is also a 4A level scenic spot in China.The total area of the temple is more than 20,000 square meters, the scale is very symmetrical, completely modeled after the Forbidden City in Beijing, so it is also known as the Forbidden City in the Deep Mountains.The architecture here is harmonious in layout, rigorous in structure and full of cultural deposits.Therefore, in 1996, it was listed as a key cultural relic protection unit in China.The temple in the scenic area is made of pure nanmu, which is the only building made of this material in China. It is very precious.The other palaces are also unique, with exquisite details and the largest prayer wheel, with 9,999 carved wooden dragons descending from the top without a single iron nail.In the temple of gratitude there are many precious murals, murals in the long line of god and jade, there are also presented as the King of Heaven, each picture is painted very vivid, activity echoes, every visitor to see these murals, will take his eyes off them, feel the charm and artistic atmosphere brought by the painting.The temple of gratitude is precious in its use of pure nanmu to build, this material is extremely precious, in addition to its solemn momentum, will also be respected.Although the overall scale is not larger than the Forbidden City, visitors are attracted by its characteristics and want to know more about this small palace.In people’s cognition, Sichuan is mainly characterized by mountains and rivers, as well as lovely giant pandas. It is a slow paced province. Besides, Sichuan is also endowed with cultural and historical deposits, and The Temple of Gratitude is a typical representative.Of course, sichuan also has very special food, such as beef jerky, the meat is firm and mellow, very chewy, especially the spicy taste, the mouth is delicious.Dried bean curd is a special snack, spicy and spicy taste is very good, popular among young people.Cold rabbit leg meat tight, spicy taste just right, and sichuan characteristics of hot pot, not to sichuan to eat a meal of hot pot oil, it is a trip.Many people travel to appreciate the natural scenery, but also want to learn about the local culture, Sichuan will gather beauty and cultural history, mianyang Temple of Gratitude is especially so, I hope you can have the opportunity to go to feel the charm of this scenic spot.