Brocade dawn, World of Warships 2022 begins like a brocade

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“Send god early, then god late”, the fourth day of the year is the gods from heaven to the day of the earth.The sending of the gods began in the early morning, while the receiving of the gods was usually at night.According to traditional folk customs, people would prepare many offerings at home, such as chicken, fish, eggs, snacks and fruits. In short, they would also prepare enough food for the gods.In addition, the annual 4 usually avoid is out of town, because this day is to meet god, namely to meet all the gods, the kitchen god and god back to protect family members, the legend on the family name god bless, so people don’t go out to miss, every family to keep in the home, ready to rich fruit, incense candle and cast off firecrackers and to show welcomes.There is not much entertainment at home, which reminds us of the online battle of World of Warships.Play “warships world” is the sort of naval amateur skills, along with the global synchronization of the official online and thrill of dress research and development department, team player, a preliminary selection against AI, in joint operations mode, give play to the wisdom of his teammates, unite with all forces that can be united, screening of a refining operations team, through the war times of iteration grinding tactics,In the platoon battle, practice the tactics of fighting with other players, together to seize the commanding heights of one sea territory.In the recently updated version 0.11.0 of World of Warships, Sejong and the random gift pack are available online, which includes time-limited resources, special signal flags, and consumable “Lunar Warrior” livery.IX Sejong was first designed during World War II as a draft name for a light cruiser.The ship has an amazing artillery armament, up to 12 main gun designs, plus 127 mm rapid fire.The cruiser’s deep-water torpedoes are well hidden and powerful, making it easy to deal with all types of ships except destroyers.The new version also has a rich mix of consumables, including torpedo-loading boosters, smoke generators with reduced cooldowns, and defensive anti-air firepower, as well as a repair team.IX Sejong is alluring, currently available only from the armory’s random gift pack, which gives you access to all of the developed components.Chinese New Year missions in World of Warships include gifts for Chinese New Year.There is a new sequential Chinese New Year pack that players can use to exchange series C tokens for sequential Chinese New Year packs, which includes early access to VI Ramat and VIII Warships, port positions, exclusive commanders, “Brocade Dawn” permanent camouflage and flag.Among them, VI Ramat, VIII Huihai and X Linhai gift package corresponding content is not the same, but are very rich.[Fixed] VI Ramat comes with six skill point commanders and port positionsVIII Sea Rite includes commander and port positions with 10 skill points;The X Sea Pack also has commander and port positions for 10 skill points.After obtaining all sequential packages with C series tokens, you can also exchange gold coins for X Linhai.The system has been updated to include 6 “Lunar Warrior” consumable camos, 5 IX, 5 ZH, 5 ESCL, 5 VL and JW1 flags.New Year’s celebration needs to be shared, the wonderful world of Warships needs to be delivered, invite friends to the party, online to prepare for the Lunar New Year’s battle mission, with “Brocade Dawn” permanent coating can decorate your battleship, the new naval battle starts.