How can Japanese tofu be made to taste better?

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Japanese tofu isn’t really tofu. It’s made with water and eggs, like the dried eggs we eat, and doesn’t contain beans.Some people will say, You can’t eat Japanese tofu, it will be this way and that.Unfortunately, it is a lot of people like it because of its soft and smooth taste, THE way QQ plays.Cook a hot pot, cook a malatang really delicious.In fact, no matter what things we have to do enough, do not eat too much gluttony.Main ingredients: Japanese tofu (four) Accessories: green pepper (one);Red pepper (moderate);Onion (moderate);Eggs (two);Cooking utensils hot iron plate a way: 1, buy back the Japanese tofu cut into sections for standby.2. Dip the sliced Japanese tofu in a thin layer of starch and fry it until golden brown. Remove and set aside.3, take the stupid eggs break stir well, spread into egg skin put on the plate for later.4. Heat oil in a wok, add green red pepper and chopped onion and stir-fry until fragrant.5. Add tomato sauce and sweet chili sauce, add salt to taste, add a little water to open the sauce, put chicken essence and turn off the fire.6, the fried Japanese tofu into, turn evenly can slightly collect a little soup can be poured out on the hot iron plate.