Why do so many people prefer to queue on highways instead of taking national highways?The gap is too obvious

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People are very used to taking the expressway when going out for a long distance. The traffic condition of the expressway is simple and the road is unobstructed, so that they can get to the destination quickly.But the highway to charge, according to the number of axles, distance charges are not the same.Meet holiday, highway also can appear traffic jam.The national highway does not charge tolls, roadside parking can be at any time, but many people would rather queue on the highway than take the national highway, why?The owner spoke the truth, the gap is too obvious.When the car owner, Mr. Wang, returned to Changsha from his hometown during the Spring Festival, the navigation showed that there were many traffic jams on the expressway, and the navigation suggested him to take the national highway.Mr. Wang felt that it would take three or four hours to get back to the expressway. Since there was no traffic jam on the national highway, taking the national highway would certainly save time than taking the expressway.So he made a u-turn off the freeway and took the national highway.But after taking the national road this time, Mr. Wang said he would not take the national road in the future even if queuing on the highway.Mr. Wang said that although the navigation shows that there is no traffic jam on the national road, in fact, there is no way to know whether there is traffic jam.After taking the national highway, there was no traffic jam in the first distance, but a lot of big trucks appeared on the road behind them. They drove slowly and formed a long queue behind them. They were stuck on the road for more than half an hour.Compared with expressways, national roads are open roads, passing through many towns and villages on the way, and often an electric car or motorcycle suddenly comes out of the road.When driving, you need to be very focused and not have any distraction, or you may collide with them.Freeway is closed road, except from the toll station on the high speed cars, trucks, few other vehicles suddenly appear.And to drive in accordance with the rules in the lane, not random lane change car, there will be no other accidents, driving can also be relaxed.Third, the speed of national highways is lower than that of expressways, and it is slower when passing villages.Although the speed limit of expressways will change, and some sections have unreasonable speed limit, but now after rectification, the speed limit of expressways has tended to rationalize.The minimum speed limit can be 100 on a 120 speed limit and 90 on a slow lane.The speed limit on national roads is 80, but when driving, the speed is not that high.Especially when passing through a village, the speed of the vehicle may be about 50.Although there are no obvious speed cameras in any of these places, there is no telling where a mobile speed gauge will appear.If their speed is not well controlled and exceeds the speed limit, they will be judged by the system as speeding.Sometimes after running on the highway, I will receive many speeding violations, and dealing with traffic violations is also a headache.Fourthly, many national roads were built earlier, and they are not well maintained due to the busy traffic.When driving on national roads, you should always pay attention to avoid large potholes.Highway pavement maintenance is much better than the national road, almost no potholes on the road, driving comfort is higher than the national road.After a comprehensive comparison, the car owner found that although taking the national road can save a sum of tolls, but when driving a lot of things to worry about.Moreover, the speed of national highways is relatively slow, and the saved tolls translate into time costs.If you have urgent business to attend to, you have to leave a few hours before taking the national road.So after calculating this account, the owner felt that it was more cost-effective to go high-speed.