“Wei’s Brother’s Honey Trap 18” LAN Zhan has already started planning his future with Wei Ying

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Preface: This article was first published on the wechat official account peony Backyard Garden. Read the full text there.During their one-month vacation in Qingdao, the four visited most of the popular tourist spots.Clams dug on the beach, Laoshan mountaineering, cycling on the beach…Four people pair up, each play their own, and then go back to the b&B at night to stay together.Wei Wuxian is a person who can take it up and put it down. After a short period of guilt, she gradually accepted her “sleep”.The fact that the product is not good.He thought, anyway Blue Zhan himself did not say what, I regard as I do not know.And Lanzhan tight-lipped, he will never sleep bad things to say.Jiang Cheng and Nie Huisang are his best friends, so many years did not reveal half of the secrets.So no fifth person would ever know about his bad sleep.I was secretly laughing there.Sleeping at night is even more aggressive.Deliberately loaded to sleep, eight-claw fish generally dead clamp blue forget machine, sometimes pretending to sleepwalk to knead blue forget machine that meat toot face.Blue always silently sighed and pushed him toward the open space.If that didn’t work, he would pick wei up sideways and put her in a more open place.Or sometimes, Wei Wuxian’s small action is too much, LAN Forget ji simply took him in his arms, not allowed him to move.Blue Forget ji never stopped Wei Wuxian’s invasion.To him, the game was dangerous and fascinating and addictive.He did not mention it, Wei Wuxian this kind of insatiable people also enjoy this game.The holiday is about to end, the return date is getting closer and closer, two people happen to have the idea of not wanting to go home.The feeling of being hugged in her arms was very strange, warm and comfortable, and gradually let Wei Wuxian have nostalgia.It also made him curious about this exquisite boy half a year younger than his age and three centimeters shorter in height.And so on.I don’t think Lan-Cham is any shorter than him?At the end of the summer vacation, when I returned to Gusu, The height of LAN Forgeji had reached the level of Wei Wuxian.This……You must have grown up so fast.Wei Wuxian, 16, is 184 feet tall, but her growth has slowed after a boom at 15.And it looks like the boom is just beginning.At the current rate of increase, he could go up to 189.His father and brother are aged around 189.If it goes on like this, Blue Cham brother will become Blue Cham brother.Because Wei Wuxian’s facial features are clear, fair and delicate, the advantage of half a year older than the blue forget machine can be ignored.When Blue Zhan is higher than him, others will think blue Zhan is brother, Wei Ying is younger brother.So think, in the mind again a little depressed.That means, he can molest Lanzhan brother time, only the second half of the year.High school two school day, forget envy two people go out together.After two middle school gate, blue forget the opportunity to see a few students in this class.They were surprised to see the captain standing tall and whispering.Both of them had very sensitive ears. When they heard others’ words, Wei Wuxian asked with a smile, “Yes, Lanzhan, did you eat something to grow so fast?”Blue forgot the machine stared at him one eye, carrying a schoolbag into the school gate.Wei Wuxian laughed and went to no.1 Middle School.Unbeknownst to him, LAN had secretly been exercising.He was eager to grow taller, just a little taller than Wei Ying.So no one would think he was the younger brother.So he will hug Wei Ying to sleep in the future.Sleep of time, can thoroughly his whole person circle in the bosom, give him warmth and sense of security.In the future…Oh, he was already thinking about the future!Her cheeks were suddenly burning.In the classroom window to see, his original white face has been red thoroughly.Peony has words: to read the full text of the wechat public number – Peony Back Garden.There is the sun watch, here is a slow step.