Before the Spring Festival, oil prices will change again!

2022-04-27 0 By

The average price of oil rose from 7.05 yuan per liter to 7.44 yuan per liter in mid-December.Before the Spring Festival, there will be an adjustment of oil prices (24 o ‘clock on January 29). The cumulative increase has reached 305 yuan/ton, which is as high as 0.26 yuan/liter after translation.Last week, oil prices rose for four consecutive working days, with a change rate of 7.02%. It is predicted that oil prices are highly likely to rise before the Spring Festival!On January 23rd, the market will be closed for the weekend. In the first four working days, the oil price is expected to be increased by 305 yuan/ton, which will be converted to 0.23-0.26 yuan/liter. The price adjustment time will be 24 o ‘clock on January 29th, 2022.We are concerned about the Spring Festival homecoming!Take the initiative to declare trips, provide nucleic acid certificates…Will it rain on New Year’s Eve?!The answer is rude!Suspension apology this award is tainted!2 catties of pork, 2 scallions and 1 live fish……Source: today’s oil price, Southeast Morning Post reproached: Zhang Xiao editor: Yang Dandan copyright belongs to the original author all, if there is infringement, please timely contact.