Are you in the same boat as China?Beat Japan to draw Australia was also eliminated, he is more than China’s injustice

2022-04-27 0 By

Beijing time on February 2, the eighth round of World Cup group B after failing a, both sides of this game is all have hope into the World Cup in Qatar Australia and Oman, Oman in Asia ranks far below 2 flow belongs to Asia team in Australia, but this team in the face of powerful Australia was not a bit afraid of opponents, in the two games behind the score twice to equalise,Oman failed to reach the World Cup for the first time after a 2-2 draw with Australia. With only two matches left, Oman, which is seven points behind Australia in Group B, is in the same situation as China.Oman although this team is 2 flow in Asia, but the journey of living this team preliminaries showed stronger than the men are a lot of fighting capacity, to a 1-0 defeat of Japan Asia 1, this is forever all could not do at present, Chinese football can draw Australia have body hardness technology, which is also the Chinese soccer seems to want to all dare not think of things,When the team is better than the team’s don’t know how many times must Asia team also eliminated after 2 flow, flow of 4 teams in Asia like Chinese football should not have any regret, really regret should be Oman, although Oman has been eliminated, but 2 of Oman and the team’s meetings, estimated to Oman at that time won’t let go of the team’s,Do not give the national football team to a 3-0 big package.Waiting for the team’s VS Oman, we won’t have zhang linpeng estimates that the team’s squad, Wang Shen, YanJunLing, Wu Xi these well-known, see not used in the big stars, hide the ball, leakage, mistakes, stand hand and chagrin of these actions is the impression of them many times for the fans, hope and Oman, a number of young players, the team’s line-up can appearNo matter how many goals these young players lose, it is still better than using the same old players who can only lose, but using young players can give fans hope for the future.