Chang Xun and Mickey invite you to reveal the secret of martial arts

2022-04-26 0 By

(December 16, 2021) Today, SAIC General Motors Chevrolet officially launched the 2022 Changxun Mickey Kung Fu version, which is the third theme limited edition model launched by Chevrolet and Disney in the year after the Changxun Mickey magic version and The Changxun Mickey space version. The price is 179,900 yuan after the subsidy.From now on, Chang Xun Mickey Kung Fu version will meet with consumers in the designated Chevrolet 4S dealer exhibition hall.In addition, consumers by Chevrolet’s official website, MychevyAPP, Chevrolet official service, such as direct marketing channels to order products, can enjoy the mickey kung fu kits, mickey version exclusive gift box, have access to more direct selling exclusive Shanghai Disneyland concierge service, together with family and friends chang play Shanghai Disneyland (more welcome for enquiry:4001111911).As by Chevrolet and Disney to launch joint models, chang tour version in a 2022 chevy mickey kung fu chang tour star yu version for the prototype, through the innovation of the imaginative design, will zui popular Disney cartoon characters mickey embodiment for kung fu kid, and chang tour together, ably opens a walk river’s lake Wu Xiazhi brigade.On appearance design, edition 2022 chang cruise mickey kung fu in, full screen window on the side of the body and tail a window with different shapes of kung fu mickey body garland, lifelike image of kung fu with unique martial arts moves, coupled with the C column of mickey wulin “m” shu nameplate and spontaneous light wheel cover, make the vehicle’s valiant aura strong wind.Open the door on the left side of the driver’s seat, and a clever kung fu Mickey pattern of light and shadow is projected onto the ground.Into the car, flying wing type double element suspended cockpit in yellow and blue mix, the steering wheel, instrument panel and control panel are paired with exclusive adorns line, wulin “m” shu nameplate skillfully inlaid on the co-pilot glove box, and the texture superior Alcantara material coated, mickey can also build a kung fu world fashion warm sense of driving.Start the vehicle and turn on the new generation of MyLink+ intelligent vehicle-mounted interconnection system. Function buttons on the screen change into Mickey ICONS. The upgraded IFLYTEK voice system equipped with the vehicle can provide more intelligent vehicle-mounted experience, making online navigation, entertainment video and other interactive operations full of wonderful creativity and fun.In addition, by the car headrest, martial arts secret notebook, kung fu hat, custom badges, parking number, etc. composed of mickey’s exclusive kung fu gift box will be attached to the car, accompany you to adventure.As the first pure electric intercity coupe launched by Chevrolet in China, Chang Xun has won a good market reputation by virtue of fashionable dynamic modeling design, advanced pure electric drive technology and stable and reliable safety technology since it was listed.The 2022 Changxun will increase the driving range to 518 km, and further reduce the power consumption of 100 km.As two innovative and imaginative brands, Chevrolet and Disney jointly create the Changxun Mickey Kung Fu version, which will provide a more fun car experience for young consumers who pursue trendy personality and quality life.