Liaoning Shanghai presents are coming, they want to give Du Feng a surprise, and end their twelve crown

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Is Du Feng’s 12 crown really stable?This is not true, the reason is also very simple, after the first 28 rounds of continuous hone, Liaoning, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing these teams have made a lot of progress.Especially the Shanghai team, now they have obviously won the championship.Even if Li Chunjiang said they are still weak in the Shanghai team, but after the window period of training, the gap between them will undoubtedly be further reduced.However, guangdong team’s 12th total championship trophy is really cool?Below, with basketball younger brother together to see!Guangdong have failed first, let’s take a look at eleven crown guangdong, although guangdong currently in 20 about 8 in the fifth of the CBA league, but this is due to start from the second stage, they have suffered injuries and fatigue tide and suspended for the three aspects of influence, also will Zhao Rui and the two main weems to successively fail.But this is not the most serious, more serious is the second phase of later period, due to the continuous high intensity of competition, also let yi, Vince and Ren Junfei on the three main players have appeared in the different degrees of injury, this isn’t Hu Mingxuan state, if they still can defeat the strong, that is really a ghost!Look at Liaoning, who are sitting atop the CBA league table with a 25-3 record, and what they are doing this season is really impressive.The reason is simple. In the first 28 rounds, not only their key players have been at their best, but their second-line lineup, like Zhang Zhenlin, Fu Hao, Cong Mingchen and Zhu Rongzhen, has been able to carry the burden on its own.Now they have obviously been able to pick up the liaoning team.But also because of their rise, liaoning team had a further possibility, that is to win!Because now they already have such confidence!Third, Shanghai, which currently holds the no. 2 spot in the CBA league with a 23-5 record, has been a real surprise this season.Especially after Li Chunjiang took charge of this team, also gave them an injection of new vitality.Although the Shanghai team in a certain extent is indeed to occupy the introduction of cheap, but if not benefited from Li Chunjiang’s careful adjustment, the Shanghai team can not be in such a short period of time to form a whole.However, the window period is coming again, which also gives Li Chunjiang the opportunity to further make up for their shortcomings. When the third stage comes, their overall strength will definitely make breakthroughs again!Fourth, guangzhou Team, now they have a record of 22-6 in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) league.Guangzhou has also brought us a surprise in the current season. Without xu zhonghao’s malicious elbow on Liao Sanning, Guangzhou might have won more fans with its excellent play.This is not, guangsha team since the occurrence of the elbow incident, not only Xu Zhonghao himself suffered the league’s suspension and fines, but also let guangsha team’s brand suffered a certain impact.Even now they have the confidence to win the championship, but if the malicious behavior does not root out, they will be more fans to blame.Beijing, which has been struggling to finish fifth, is currently ranked eighth in the CBA league with a 17-11 record.Even though they’ve been playing brilliantly in the last 28 rounds, it’s obvious they’re not at their peak yet.The reason is also very simple, not to mention fang Shuo, Liu Xiaoyu, Gibson and Zhai Xiaochuan and other people suffered injuries.It took nearly seven games for Jeremy Lin to regain his form, but it was clear to anyone that he was still not at his best, simply because his rhythm was not back.Even the broken blood of Beijing also created a lot of miracles from here we can see that the Beijing team has been in the state of broken blood and many powerful fighting.But even so, Guangdong, Liaoning and Zhejiang these three strong teams have been planted in their hands.But when the third stage formally comes, Beijing must be able to return to full health status, not only Fang Shuo, xiao-yu liu, Gibson and ZhaiXiaoChuan this several people will be restored to full health status, even Jeremy will rediscover their own pace, this also let Beijing over the next 10 rounds of the game can play more strong power, also is the title!Because now they have the confidence to win the championship!Du Feng’s 12 crown cool and look at Guangdong team, even if Zhao Rui, Yi Jianlian, Ren Junfei and Zhou Peng several injuries will be completely recovered, but the strength of their opponents will also make a breakthrough in the window period, especially liaoning, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing these teams, they are likely to be the main opponents of Guangdong.If Guangdong still can’t make a breakthrough, their 12th championship in the team’s history will be really cold.What do you think about that?#CBA# For more exciting content, follow sports basketball