Weifang added a “Taishan quality” certification enterprises in the city has 5 enterprises won this award

2022-04-24 0 By

Qilu network · Lightning news January 27 — On January 27, the reporter learned from weifang Market Supervision Bureau that recently, Shandong Huajian Aluminum Group Co., LTD. “aluminum alloy doors and Windows for passive low-energy buildings” successfully passed the “Taishan Quality” certification in 2021.This is weifang city after weichai power, Jingzhi wine industry, Henglian new materials, Luli Group and other four enterprises, the fifth to obtain the “Taishan quality” certification of enterprises.”Taishan quality” certification is the local characteristics of shandong province launched certification, certification of the object is enough to represent Shandong honest and trustworthy, excellent quality, with continuous innovation and market competitiveness, with high-end brand “five high” characteristics of products and services.Weifang certified enterprises give full play to the demonstration and leading role, which is conducive to boosting the high-end of products and service brands and helping the high-quality development of Weifang economy.In recent years, Weifang Market Supervision Bureau continues to strengthen the training and guidance of enterprises with characteristics and advantages, take the initiative to rely on the front service, strengthen the supervision and guidance of certification, promote the green building materials products, pension services and other certification to achieve zero breakthrough, organic products, green food and other food agricultural products certification number in the forefront of the province.Up to now, Weifang city has established 3 certification bodies, obtaining various certification certificates 19451, the total number of the province’s third.All kinds of product certification 8049, management system certification 11192, the number is in the forefront of the province, certification coverage and the overall quality level continues to improve.Lightning news reporter Yu Gang weifang report